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Anxiety of Public Speaking

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Speaking have this fear. It causes me to have anxiety attacks. It causes my legs to shake. As thoughts of ways to escape run through my mind, anything in this world seems possible. Imagine all eyes on me, and then shrink back at the implications of where my thoughts are taking me. My palms are moist. I am terrified of public speaking. My stomach feels weird. Of course, it is not really a fear of speaking in front of people. Rather, it is speaking in front of people hat know about the subject more than me.

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Anxiety of Public Speaking
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Therefore, speaking in front of my superior was one experience that changed my perception of public speaking. To begin with, my first time giving a presentation with an audience of my superiors was terrifying. As a Navy recruiter, was told to give a presentation on methods would use to increase the Navy numbers. At first, I thought too easy I could dazzle these young teenagers.

Until I discovered the dazzling would have to be done in front of an audience that had prior experience of the recruiting process. Id not know whether to go on with the presentation was giving in the beginning or do more research and try to impress my audience with my knowledge. I paused and said to myself “how about I mixed it up”. I would not insult their intelligence, but I would briefly explain how I would recruit new creamers and then give them the same presentation would give to an audience of future creamers. All in all, the presentation went well. My audience did not want me to impress them UT to show them how I would impress future creamers.

Overall, public speaking is considered a valued skilled that an individual can possess. Dry. Martin Luther King and President Barrack Obama are examples of leaders with gifted speaking abilities. In addition, learned from this experience that the main objective in public speaking is being aware of your audience and knowing your topic. Feeling some nervousness before speaking is natural and with experience and practice, the confidence will eventually develop.

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