“Steel Magnolias” Movie Review

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The film I chose is Steel Magnolias ; the character is Shelby. The film begins on Shelby’s marrying twenty-four hours to Jackson Latcherie. Shelby is the lone girl of M’Lynn and Drum Eatenton ; and has two younger brothers. Tommy and Jonathan. M’Lynn is really protective of Shelby because she is a diabetic and has had fragile wellness since childhood. Shelby appears in the film in early maturity ; the film does non turn to Shelby’s patterned advance from phases one thru five.

She is introduced to the viewing audiences in Erikson’s 6th phase of psycho-social development. Intimacy V. Isolation. This phase of development focal points on organizing confidant loving relationships taking to long- term committedness with person other than a household member ( McLeod. 2008 ) . Shelby’s primary concern. after matrimony. is get downing a household of her ain ; this progresses Shelby to Erikson’s 7th phase. Generativity vs. Stagnation.

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In the 7th phase. we set up our callings. settle down within a relationship. get down our ain households and develop a sense of being a portion of a bigger image ( McLeod. 2008 ) . Shelby had an established nursing calling and desired get downing her ain household. Because of wellness related concerns associated with diabetes and the strain on her organic structure from child birth. Shelby had been advised against gestating kids. Although Shelby was cognizant of the hazards of gestating kids. she was determined to get down her ain household.

Shelby conceived and gave birth to a boy. Jackson Jr. She showed positive marks of declaration of phase six and patterned advance thru phase seven of development as evidenced by her happy matrimony. the birth of her boy and her constituted nursing calling. However. Shelby was unable to decide phase seven and come on to present eight. Integrity V. Despair. due to her ill-timed decease in immature maturity. Three challenges to the positive patterned advance of Shelby’s psycho-social development were ; foremost. her wellness. Shelby was diabetic ; which created her first challenge. Shelby’s finding to carry through Intimacy V.

Isolation placed her wellness at hazard because of complications related to diabetes. Second. Shelby’s female parent was really commanding in her life and non supportive of Shelby’s determination of holding kids. She openly voiced her sentiment and reluctance about Shelby holding kids. Shelby’s female parent stated that she loved turn outing her incorrect ; perchance if her female parent had been supportive they would hold been able to discourse other options of holding kids.

The 3rd challenge was Shelby was inexorable that she was giving birth to her ain kid. She did non see how suicidal her determination was. She refused to research other options for holding kids. The determination of giving birth to her ain kid resulted in her kidneys neglecting and finally her decease ( Ross. 1989 ) . I think that Shelby should hold had more involvement in pull offing her attention from childhood. It appears during childhood her female parent shielded her from the cognition. direction and dangers of the disease.

As a consequence. Shelby didn’t develop a sense of cautiousness in affairs of her ain wellness. If she had been more involved at a younger age. she could hold developed better wonts and made healthier picks while incorporating her apprehension of the dangers associated with diabetes ; and the gyrating consequence it has on the organic structure. if non managed decently. I think with that with a different idea procedure about the disease. she would hold been more willing to research other options for holding kids.

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