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Characters of the Bolted Steel Silo

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Win Tone Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd is a great manufacturer of the different kinds of steel silo, flour milling machines, oil processing machines and other agricultural equipment. And now there are many good character of the Bolted Steel Silo, and hope it can be good for you.
The bolted steel silo have four good charcater:
1. Light weight
Only 1/4–1/5weight of the concrete silo with the same capacity.
2. Mold production
Produce according to the same standard and light degree of standardization.
3. Interchangeability
All components are connected by high intensity and interchangeable bolts.

4. Large capacity range
Silo with large capacity range from 5t to 16000t can be made.Win Tone is located in Henan Province, China. Win Tone has a modern manufacturing base, a precision casting factory, a research and development center for grain, oil and starch syrup processing lines and an international trade center, guaranteeing efficient technology as well as high quality and precision equipments. Win Tone provides processing designs according to client’s different needs, creates new value for them and offers complete solutions for grain processing machinery.

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Characters of the Bolted Steel Silo
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We have professional after-sales service team to timely solve problems during operation, and provide complete after-sales service technology to eliminate client’s worries.

Win Tone lead through ISO9001:2008 international quality system certification and achieved more than 20 new practical products patents. Located in Henan, we serve our customers both home and abroad. We have 300 sales agencies. Our products are popular in over 30 provinces and cities in China and also exported to more than 40 countries and areas in Latin America, Africa and Southeast Asia.More interests and needs aout the bolted steel silo or flour milling machies, pleasecontact with us freely, and we will reply you soonest.http://[email protected]

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