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The Personal Story of My Life

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  • Pages 4
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    This explains the beginning of my life all the way to the end of my life.

    My life from the beginning was very fun as I grew up living with my mom’s friend and my friend. But there were a lot of fights and I was very hyper back then. I have ADHD so back then when I was little; I was very hyper and wouldn’t stop moving around the place. I always was annoying back then and never seemed to get my homework done at school.

    I was born at Kaiser Hospital during the year 1996. The first place I lived was on the street Via Harriet and was right next to a train.It was always noisy when the train passed by because it shook the house and scared all the animals. It wasn’t the best place to live, but we eventually moved to the hills, I don’t remember where though.

    It was an apartment that was somewhat close to San Lorenzo, it was in Hayward. The first school I went for Kindergarten was Community Christian Center (CSS) and continued all the way to 4th grade. That was the best time of my school year; I had a lot of friends there. My grandmother worked there for 1st and 2nd grade and I still remember when I was in her class.

    She was a Teacher’s assistant and sat in the back of the room to help people. During 4th grade I was told that I was not focusing well and they sent me to Bay Elementary. I went to Bohannon Middle School for grades 6th to 8th grade, it wasn’t the best school, but the teachers there were nice. I had this favorite teacher that was named Ms.

    Stevens. She was the best teacher I ever had because she ran this club for chess. Every Tuesday she would run chess club after school. At this time, she still works there and runs chess club, I saw her last year for a visit and will visit her this year too.

    I am going to Arroyo High School; I think this school is really fun because of the rallies and the events they announce. Back in the years from freshman to junior, I lacked to have good grades. Through the 2nd semester of my junior year, I stepped up the pace and got good grades. Now my senior year is going great, I got good grades, I have to go to Cyber High to make up five credits, and I passed all my finals for the 1st semester.

    Overall I know that I’m going to graduate because I’m pushing hard and all I need to finish is my Cyber High and keep up my grades and I will graduate.I want to go to Chabot College because it’s the closest place to go to. I am planning to get my associates degree then transfer to Cal State East Bay University. I don’t exactly know the requirements of classes to get into Cal State, but as long as I get my AA degree I should be fine.

    I am focused on technology and computers; I like to choose classes that can be similar to wiring or soldering. I am not that sure if I would be more focused on computers or wiring, I think an Internship might help me out.My career would be Technician or Electrician because I’m focused on electricity and wanting to discover what would happen without getting electrocuted. I’m still unsure if I just want to work on physical components on the computer.

    I used to work on computers a lot, but it got boring and I can’t do it as great now. Soldering is interesting for me because I get to repair broken wires, being able to strip a wire. When striping a wire, you get to know how the wire is connected. I think a life event for me is to grab my master’s degree, which is what I’m focused on.

    That’s like the best degree to get, but it’s really difficult to receive. I wouldn’t like going to years and years of education, but it’s totally worth it. Getting a higher degree affects the amount of money you get in the future. With a master’s degree, I would most likely be able to get any job, excluding the other requirements.

    My second event after college would be buying a two story house. I want to have a house that has two floors because it is roomy and I tend to get claustrophobic in small houses.If I were to get roommates, a big house would be perfect because you still have a lot of room. The downside is that the insurance might cost more.

    If I had roommates, I could still be paid rent. This explains my life in the past and what my life can be in the future. I wish to move to Colorado, a relaxing area that snows. My friend lives in Colorado; he said that it’s a very nice place to live.

    The main reason I’m moving there is to get off the fault of Hayward. Colorado rarely has earthquakes, so it’s peaceful.

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