The Personal Story of My Life

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This is my life story, from beginning to end.

During my childhood, I found great joy in the presence of my mom’s friend and my own companion. However, because of my ADHD, which caused me to have excessive energy at that time, conflicts would frequently arise. As a result, I was always on the move and bothering others. Additionally, meeting deadlines for school assignments proved to be challenging for me.

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I was born at Kaiser Hospital in 1996 and initially lived on Via Harriet, which was located next to a train. The constant noise from the passing train shook our house and frightened all the animals. Despite not being the most ideal living situation, we eventually relocated to the hills, although I can’t recall the exact location.

The apartment where I resided was situated in Hayward, which is not too far from San Lorenzo. Throughout my time at Community Christian Center (CSS) from Kindergarten to 4th grade, I had an incredible experience. I formed numerous friendships during my tenure there. It’s important to note that my grandmother was employed at CSS during my first and second grade, and being in her classroom holds cherished memories for me.

As a Teacher’s assistant, she provided support from the back of the room. In 4th grade, it was decided that my lack of focus required a transfer to Bay Elementary. For grades 6th to 8th, I attended Bohannon Middle School, which may not have been the top-notch institution but had kind teachers. Among them, my cherished instructor was Ms.

Stevens is an exceptional teacher who stands out because of her dedication to running a chess club. She consistently organizes the club every Tuesday after school and has been doing so continuously. I had the pleasure of visiting her last year and have plans to visit again this year.

I enjoy attending Arroyo High School because of the thrilling rallies and events that are regularly announced. Although my grades were not satisfactory from freshman to junior year, I made significant academic improvements during the second semester of junior year and achieved good grades. Currently, in my senior year, I am maintaining good grades and also enrolled in Cyber High to earn five credits. Furthermore, I successfully passed all my first semester final exams.

Overall, I am confident that I will graduate as I am working hard and only need to complete my Cyber High coursework and maintain my grades. My goal is to attend Chabot College, which is conveniently located. I intend to obtain my associates degree from there and then transfer to Cal State East Bay University. While I am unsure of the specific class requirements for admission to Cal State, I believe that obtaining my AA degree will suffice.

I am highly interested in technology and computers, specifically in classes related to wiring or soldering. I am unsure about whether my focus should be more on computers or wiring. Thus, I think an internship would be helpful in determining the right path for me. My potential career paths include becoming a technician or electrician, as electricity fascinates me and I want to explore its effects without risking electrocution. Nevertheless, I am still undecided about solely working with the physical components of computers.

Previously, I spent considerable time on computer work, but eventually grew tired of it and my abilities have diminished. Nevertheless, soldering captivates me as it enables me to repair damaged wires and remove their insulation, giving me a glimpse into their connections. Currently, pursuing a master’s degree is my paramount aspiration and the primary focus in my life.

Although earning a master’s degree is challenging, its value is considerable. Despite the lengthy educational period required, the return on investment is substantial as it significantly affects future earnings. A master’s degree often opens up numerous job opportunities and can even waive certain prerequisites.

After college, my second event would involve purchasing a two-story house. I desire a house with two floors because it offers ample space; small houses tend to make me feel claustrophobic. In the event that I decide to have roommates, a spacious house would be ideal as it would still provide plenty of room. However, one drawback is that the insurance expenses could increase.

If I lived with roommates, I could still earn rent money. This illustrates my previous and potential future life. I desire to relocate to Colorado, a serene place with snowfall. A friend of mine resides in Colorado and attests to its pleasant living conditions.

Colorado is a peaceful place that I’m moving to primarily to avoid the earthquake-prone Hayward fault.

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