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Strategic direction is the set of managerial determinations and action that determines the manner for the long-range public presentation of the company. A concern scheme is fundamentally a papers bespeaking the way a concern will run and the necessary stairss to accomplish its aims and ends. A typical concern scheme is developed in three stairss: analysis, integrating and execution. It emphasizes the monitoring and rating of external chances and menaces in visible radiation of corporation ‘s strength and failing. Andrews defined scheme as: “ The form of aims, intents, ends and the major policies and programs for accomplishing these ends stated in such a manner so as to specify what concern the company is in or is to be and the sort of the company it is or it is to be ” .

If an organisation understands the environment in which it operates, half of the job is solved. This requires an analysis of what is go oning outside the organisation and an rating of current resources ( strength and failings ) and an appraisal of chances and menaces present in the environment. In this paper, concern scheme of an organisation is studied and reviewed. This paper addresses four chief points sing concern scheme which are: ( 1 ) Analysis of how the concern environment is considered in scheme preparation, ( 2 ) apprehension of the procedure of strategic planning, ( 3 ) an scrutiny of attacks to scheme rating and choice, and ( 4 ) analysis of how scheme execution is realized.

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The organisation which is selected for survey is the Murree Brewery Company Limited which is a Pakistan-based company. It was established in 1860 and incorporated a twelvemonth subsequently at Ghora Gali, located in the Pir Punjal scope of the Western Himalayas at an lift of 6000 ‘ above sea degree, near the resort town of Murree in Pakistan. The Company is chiefly engaged in the fabrication of Pakistan made foreign spirits ( PMFL ) including alcoholic beer, non-alcoholic beer ( NAB ) , non-alcoholic merchandises ( NAP ) , which includes juices in tetra battalions in Rawalpindi and nutrient merchandises, juices, glass bottles and jars in Hattar. Murree Brewery Company Limited operates in three divisions: Liquor Division, which includes Beer and NAB, PMFL, Alcohol and NAB ; Tops Division which includes Tetra battalion Juices and Malt Extract ; and Glass Division-Hattar which includes Glass Containers of all form & A ; sizes up to one litre. The treatment of Murree Brewery concern scheme contains three of import subdivisions which are: ( 1 ) Strategic planning and reappraisal, ( 2 ) Strategy rating, ( 3 ) Strategy execution.

Business Scheme

The basic purpose of holding a concern scheme for an organisation is to set up the waies for hereafter in which the concern will run. Murree Glass, a Division of Murree Brewery Co. Ltd. , is dedicated to the fabrication of quality glass containers since 1975. Murree Glass is the innovator in lightweight, quality controlled glass bottles. It is ISO 9002 Certified and industries glass containers of all types for its company i.e. Murree Brewery Company Ltd and for other nutrient and drink consumers.

Undertaking 1

Environmental Analysis

Like rivals concerns are besides affected by an external environment. Global factors act uponing concern are legal, political, societal, technological and economic. Pearce and Robinson ( 2002 ) discourse four external forces economic, political, societal and technological. Each of these external factors influences corporate scheme. Harmonizing to Pearce and Robinson ( 2002 ) , the external environment of a concern consists of two interconnected sets of variables that play a chief function in finding the chances, menaces and restraints that a house faces. Variables arising beyond and normally irrespective of any individual houses runing state of affairs ( economic, political, societal and technological forces ) form the external environment. Variables act uponing a house ‘s immediate competitory state of affairs ( competitory place, client base, providers, creditors, and labour market ) constitute the external operating environment. These two sets of forces provide many of the challenges faced by a peculiar house in trying to pull or get needful resources, and when endeavoring to productively market its goods and services. Tax alterations, new Torahs, trade barriers, demographic alteration and authorities policy alterations are all illustrations of macro alteration. To assist analyse these factors directors can categorise them utilizing the PESTEL theoretical account.

Political Factors

Government Stability: The authorities of Pakistan has shown instability for the past few old ages. Although impacting excessively many companies, the company has had about negligible consequence of this. Murree Glass has no intervention by the authorities.

Tax policy: Murree Glass gives its well-thought-of revenue enhancements each twelvemonth as reported in its one-year studies. It benefits from no revenue enhancement exempts and neither does it faces any punishments.

Environmental Factors

Environmental protection Torahs: No such Torahs govern this division of Murree Brewery.

Waste disposal: Defected bottles spotted earlier in the production procedure while the bottles are still hot are sent back to the start of furnace instantly and the 1s that are recognized when the bottles are cold are broken and reheated. This ensures minimum waste. Therefore, no Torahs govern Murree Glass in this respect either.

Energy ingestion: The mill is operational 24 hours a twenty-four hours and consumes a great sum of energy. When the mill was set up the energy crisis of today was foreseen and hence a gas coevals works was set up to run into the workss power demands. The mill does non utilize energy provided by WAPDA.

Socio cultural Factors

Population demographics: These factors have encouraged Murree Glass to do wider distribution channels covering more geographical locations.

Income distribution: The unequal income distribution in Pakistan has persuaded many companies to diminish costs so as to do the merchandises available to the low income earners at lower monetary values. Murree Glass has achieved this by doing lower weight merchandises to cut down natural stuff and transit costs.

Lifestyle alterations: Peoples presents are more inclined towards takeout merchandises. Restaurants have now introduced disposable cutter so as to run into the clients ‘ demands. Murree Glass in this respect introduced the NR bottles.

Technological Factors

New discoveries/developments: NR bottles were a new development in this country. However this development was besides beaten by the innovation of PET bottles which are in great demand today. Some of the company ‘s greatest clients like Qarshi have now shifted to PET bottles.

Speed of engineering transportation: The engineering in this sector like all others is traveling fast and Murree Glass has been able to get by up with it. It has the latest combination review and palletizing machines.

Ratess of Obsolescence: The furnace has a life of 5 old ages with requires regular cheques in between.

Economic Factors

Inflation: Inflation has affected this industry merely as it has affected all the others. The monetary value of natural stuffs have risen and resultantly the cost of the bottle. Although the company has tried to go through on some of the load to their clients but has non been successful. The clients are non ready to pay more for the NR bottles.

Legal Factors

Health and Safety: The labour of this mill is good equipped with all the necessary safety equipment. They are given baseball mitts, goggles and helmets to guarantee that they are non injured or burnt while at work. Besides in the summers there is a blower which helps cut down the high temperatures reached because of the furnace inside the mill. Besides squashes and other lemon drinks from the other division are distributed free of cost to avoid desiccation. There are fire combatants present to help the employees in minimising the devastation caused by an accident.

Merchandise safety: The merchandise is ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 certified.

SWOT Analysis of Murree Brewery



Supplier of Murree Brewery Co. Ltd


Low Efficiency

Sometimes the company has to compromise on low quality natural stuffs.


More chances in nutrient industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

Furnace life can be increased

Replace mechanical machines with electronic 1s.


Pet bottle has replaced glass bottles.

Roohafza and Qarshi, biggest glass bottle consumer has shifted to pet bottles

New entrants.

Porter five forces

Prof. Michael Porter identified 5 forces that impact the profitableness of an Industry in his authoritative book ( 1980 ) on Competitive Strategy.

Menace of entry

There is ever the possibility that new houses may come in an industry. This is called the menace of entry in Porter ‘s theoretical account.

In local market, Murree Brewery enjoys the monopoly in alcoholic drinks nevertheless, for non alcoholic drinks there is a batch of competition therefore, the menace of new entrants exists.

To get the better of the menace of new entrants Murree Brewery needs to increase its merchandise line.

Substitute Merchandises

In Porter ‘s theoretical account, utility merchandises refer to merchandises in other industries that meet the same/similar demand. To an economic expert, a menace of replacements exists when a merchandise ‘s demand is affected by the monetary value alteration of a utility merchandise.

Murree Brewery faces the menace of replacement merchandises imported from other states peculiarly alcoholic merchandises.

Power of Buyers

The power of purchasers is the impact that clients have on a bring forthing industry. In general, when purchaser power is strong, the relationship to the bring forthing industry is near to what an economic expert footings a monopsony – a market in which there are many providers and one purchaser. Under such market conditions, the purchaser sets the monetary value.

For Murree Brewery the power of purchasers is really weak in instance of alcoholic merchandises every bit far as local market is concerned, nevertheless in instance of non alcoholic merchandises since the competition is really strong hence, the power of purchasers is really strong.

Supplier Power

Suppliers can exercise an influence on the bring forthing industry, such as selling natural stuffs at a high monetary value to capture some of the industry ‘s net incomes. This describes supplier power. Suppliers of natural stuffs, constituents, labour, and services ( such as expertness ) to the company can be a beginning of power over the company, when there are few replacements. Suppliers may decline to work with the company, or, for example, charge overly high monetary values for alone resources.

Since Murree Brewery has become its ain provider by the constitution of Murree Glass hence, prosecuting backward integrating scheme hence, the power of providers is really weak in this instance.


If rivalry among houses in an industry is low, the industry is considered to be disciplined. This subject may ensue from the industry ‘s history of competition, the function of a prima house, or informal conformity with a by and large understood codification of behavior.

Competition among the market participants in instance of Murree Brewery ‘s non alcoholic merchandises is really tough.

In order to out execute the competition Murree Brewery must concentrate on increasing the merchandise line, increasing the distribution channel and making trade name image among general populace.

BCG Matrix

The BCG Matrix is a portfolio planning theoretical account developed by Bruce Henderson of the Boston Consulting Group in the early 1970 ‘s. It is a simple tool to measure a company ‘s place in footings of its merchandise scope. The BCG theoretical account is based on categorization of merchandises into four classs based on combinations of market growing and market portion comparative to the largest rival.

The BCG Matrix is show below:

Murree Brewery can be placed in the “ inquiry grade ” quarter-circle of BCG matrix because it has high market growing but low market portion. Over the last decadeaˆs concern has boomed. Murree Brewery made a pretax net income of about Rs. 308 million in the fiscal twelvemonth that ended on June 30aˆs 2008. The undermentioned yearaˆs this improved by another Rs. 72 million. Intelligibly, doing beer and whisky in a Muslim state, where 97 per cent of the population is officially banned from basking the merchandises, has ne’er been an easy concern. Non-Muslims are exempt from the prohibition, but even for them obtaining a drink can be complicated some five-star hotels require aliens to confirm in composing that they are non-Muslims and will be responsible for anything that happens when they are under the influence before they can order a drink. But due to the prohibition forced by authorities on Murree Brewery it has diversified into glassmaking and nonalcoholic drinks.

Undertaking 2

Strategic options for Murree Brewery

The different strategic options available for Murree Brewery are as follow.

Market Development

In market development, Murree Brewery needs to function more clients by increasing its distribution channels and gross revenues force. It should guarantee the handiness of non alcoholic merchandises in all the urban and rural countries of Pakistan.

Merchandise Development

In merchandise development, Murree Brewery should increase its merchandise line of non alcoholic drinks. It is suggested that Murree Brewery should present mineral H2O under their trade name name like Nestle, and Aquafina ( Pepsi ) .

Undertaking 3

Strategic execution

For Murree Glass there is no difference between intended and realized scheme. Policies and schemes are calculatingly formulated or planned by directors. These are so reported to the Board of Directors. The direction of the company sets marks each month which are communicated to the Board of Directors. After the determination is reached by the top direction and the Board of Directors, the lower direction is informed about it. The employees are so directed and motivated towards accomplishing them. This guarantees on clip production and run intoing client demands. The direction ensures that these are met by the employees in pattern. The success of Murree Brewery is based on the undermentioned points.

Committedness to first understand the client demands than to run into and transcend their outlooks, by executing the right undertakings on clip and every clip through

Continuous betterment

Alliance of missions and ends

Duty and regard of our occupations and each other

Educating one another

Primary focal point is to fulfill its client base. This is done through on clip bringing even at extremum seasons when the demand for drink bottles increases.

Murree Glass had the strength of being its ain client.

Murree brewery had the resources to implement backward integrating and used it expeditiously. It overcame the menace of increasing its costs by avoiding outsourcing.

Strategic capableness for Murree Glass is their ability to bring forth glass lasting bottles at lower cost compared to their rivals. This is made possible with the aid of the latest engineering being used at the works and developing their human resource consequently.


The concern scheme must be maintained continually, in line with alterations in the concern and its environment. It should be reviewed on one-year footing. Murree Brewery Co Ltd has continued to rule as a monopoly due to limitations on importing intoxicant. The economic systems of graduated table it enjoyed over the reappraisal period and the restrictive regulative and societal environment for alcoholic drinks in Pakistan deterred other local start-ups. With widely recognized trade names, a scope of new merchandises, a long history in the state, widespread handiness and low-cost pricing, Murree Brewery continued to hold the largest portion in beer and liquors. Wine, RTDs/high-strength premixes and cider/perry remained little in alcoholic drinks with merely a low figure of imports.

It is suggested that Murree Brewery should increase its merchandise line of non alcoholic drinks in order to increase its market portion. Besides Murree Brewery needs to function more clients by increasing its distribution channels and gross revenues force. It should guarantee the handiness of non alcoholic merchandises in all the urban and rural countries of Pakistan.

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