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    Street Soldier, by Joseph Marshall, is a animating good written book. The book is about his life and how he started the Omega Boys Club. The Omega Boys Club is a nine that helps maintain inter metropolis childs off the streets. There is a connexion between the writer’s life and certain events in the novel. For illustration his personality traits, his particular accomplishments, what he has done for society, and what his daily being has done for other people, you will besides see how his work has greatly effected him.

    Joseph has many good personal traits he is ambitious, he is a difficult worker, and he doesn’t give up easy. For case, in the novel he is speaking about how he is a instructor and how he devoted all his extracurricular clip to his category. For an illustration take this quotation mark, “I practically lived at that school, giving most of my excess curricular clip to the BSU” ( pg. 33 ) . The quotation mark shows how difficult he works and how dedicated he is to what he does. Marshall is a instructor at the SFU ( San Francisco Unified School District ) .

    In the quotation mark above it mentions the BSU ( Black Student Union ) which is an organisation for black pupils at the University of San Francisco. Marshall is an ambitious individual Marshall sees great programs for the hereafter and he is ambitious plenty to do them come true. For an illustration “Jack, we’ve got to make it. We’ve got to make it now” ( pg. 46 ) . In the quotation mark he is speaking about get downing the Omega Boys Club and how he is traveling to make it. He is traveling to get down the Omega Boys Club, and his attitude is that,” nil is traveling to halt me, so are you with me or non? ” ;

    These are merely some of the features that Marshall has, but his strongest character is that he doesn’t give up. Marshall doesn’t give up he can’t it is non in his nature. For illustration ‘” Naw,” I shot back. ‘ Not Roynell. Can’t be. I’m traveling to travel see him. Merely talk to him a spot” ‘ ( pg. 46 ) . This quotation mark is speaking about a child that Marshall spent a batch of clip working on merely to acquire back on path, and the

    n he finds out that this child is out selling drugs on the streets once more. Many people would hold given up on the child but non Marshall. Marshall wanted to speak to the child he wasn’t merely traveling to give up on him he was traveling to seek and repair it, he was traveling to seek to acquire the child back on path.

    Marshall is skilled in the country of working with people. His whole life revolves around people. With the male childs nine and being a instructor he is around people all twenty-four hours and he helps them all, whether with their history or with every twenty-four hours life. For illustration “We required the childs to convey a written definition of a new word to every meeting, stressing linguistic communication and binding it into history” ( pg. 58 ) . This quotation mark shows how he was assisting the childs academically. Academics weren’t Marshalls chief concerns but he wanted to feed them with everything he perchance could. His chief concerns were to maintain the childs alive and drug free. These are some of the grounds that Marshall started the nine, he wanted to acquire the inter metropolis childs to halt “Gangbangen”.

    The lists for what Marshall has done for society are about eternal. Marshall has devoted his whole life to society. He has and is still acquiring childs to halt “Gangbangen”. For illustration “We’re about maintaining our classs up and remaining off from drugs and larning about black history, you have a batch of things to be proud of as a black individual” ( pg. 50 ″ ) . This is were it all started. It started with 16 male childs that were willing to give up at that place inter metropolis lives. Marshall and Jack ( Jack is the individual that helped Marshall acquire the male childs nine under manner ) were the 1s that guided these male childs out of there inter metropolis life, and with the aid of the 16 boys the crowd grew from 16 to sixty.

    Marshall has done more in his life than 10 people put together. One manner to set it is he has lived more than on life, he has accomplished so much in his da-to-day being he has saved childs from drugs, he has saved them from selling drugs, and from shots. Foe illustration “So I made a determination non to sell drugs any more. I

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