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Significance Of Street Food

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Most of the food are not well protected from flies, which may carry food borne pathogens. Safe food storage temperature are rarely applied to street food. The street food industry plays an important role in meeting the food requirements of urban dwellers in many cities and towns of developing countries and the industry feeds millions Of people daily with a wide variety Of food that are relatively cheap, easily accessible and is not time consuming. The consumer’s limited purchasing power and competition by fellow hawkers lead to relatively low mark-up on street foods.

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Significance Of Street Food
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In many countries, workers as well as students have their first meal of the day from street food vendors. Although in depth-nutritional studies related to street food have not yet been completed, it is believed that many low income families would be worse off if there were no street food vendors to serve fast and inexpensive food. Even though people are aware that food borne disease could occur due to consumption of street food, the majority disregards health hazards.

Food borne illness of microbial origin is a major international problem associated o food safety and important cause of death worldwide.

With these outbreaks, it is important to study about “street food” for people to be aware and discover even a little background about the food they eat everyday. This study could help on lowering down the mortality rate statistically calculated yearly. On the other hand, several people would benefit upon having a little knowledge about “street food” specifically the students, government employees, vehicle drivers, street children and especially those people living n the rails and bridges.

If endings of this research will be beneficial to the following: people from the rural areas The result of this study will give them awareness in the presence of microorganisms from street food. This will also give them information on food safety and disease caused by any pathogenic bacteria. Department of Health Officers The findings of this study will give them new information to be considered as another way to fight diseases caused by microorganisms.

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