Street Crime Investigation Research Paper Street

From 1992 to 1996 I was assigned to the 109 precint and the Queens North Task Force in Flushing, Queens.During this period of clip I received legion hours of formal schoolroom traihing every bit good as custodies on experience in the field. While assigned in the 109 percentage. I worked in the Anti-Crime Unit, QNTF Larceny Unit which is besides a street offense unit.This study will show what I have learned in the street every bit good as in the classroom.Below I have outlined six subjects that will demo what I have learned about street offense probes.

  • Crime Pattern Identifications
  • Surveillance
  • Crime Scenes
  • Processing Evidence
  • Identification Procedure
  • Court Room Testimony

Crime Pattern Identification

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By placing offense forms I was able to do legion apprehensions. I was able to cognize in which countries that the offenses were taken topographic point. I would look into the ailment studies that were taken the old twenty-four hours and confer with the detective squads in the precincts. This led me to divide the ailments to the undermentioned classs:


  1. With guns
  2. By force


  1. Cornmercial
  2. Push-ins


  1. Pickpockets
  2. Congames

Once we would set up this we would be able to concentrate on a peculiar offense


The surveillance technique that we used most was from rooftops and shop fronts.What we would make is pick a peculiar offense and sit in the country that this offense is taken place.For illustration if we were traveling to watch for cutpurses, we would come in a bank and acquire on line and act if we were pulling out of the bank.We would watch people who were moving suspicious.Many cutpurses work with others that are look outs.If we observed this we set up a surviellance and seek to catch the perps while they are perpetrating the offense.

Security is the most imp

ortant portion of the investigation.It is of import to take all unauthorised individuals from the scene so thing can he removed or distured.When you foremost arriave at the scene tape off the full country with xanthous offense scene tape. Get down a log of all individual who arrive and leave the scene.When possible attempt to acquire as many informants as you can.Detain the informants so that the precinct investigators can oppugn thern, reguarding the probe.


This is merely every bit of import, as the offense scene.Don’t allow any unauthorised individuals touch the evidence.The concatenation of detention is really of import, so the grounds is non tainted.An illustration of that is:


When treating a piece you should initial the but of the gun.If the wapon doesn’Ts have a consecutive figure, put a lead seal.Which has a figure on it.The arm is placed in a fictile security bag and sent to the lab for ballistic trajectories it can be checked for other crimes.If there is unit of ammunitions in the arm you would raark the unit of ammunitions and put them in a September & A; ate envelope.

Show up

This done by acquiring a discription of the alleged perp and notifiy via section wireless what offense has been committed and the what vesture that they were wearing.If a individual was stopped a wireless transmittal to the Officer who is with the ailment would be made, so they can drive the ailment to where the alleged perp is for a I.D.If the ailment states the that wasn’t the perp a halt, inquiry study would be filled out.and the individual would be on his or her manner.

Court Testimony

This is the concluding portion of the probe and the most of import portion of the successful work you have done and the most rewarding part.When testif g you most move in a professional affair and ever frock in concern garb or in uniform.Never get into a argument with a defense mechanism attomey, ever answer in a clear voice and direct the reply so that the jury can hear and understand the answer.

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