Stress Management in General

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When we think about stress, we think about bills, school, work and other things. When it comes to college students, it has been said that “70% of college students worry about finances in school and that 32% of students neglect their studies to focus on their debts to their schools. (ScienceDaily, 2015).” There are 3 types of stress a college student may have however, no one can know what they have. Acute Stress is stress that everyone has, and it happens every day. Although, this stress is more for excitement, it can also be very tiring. Acute stress is mostly short term and does not interfere with long-term stress. Examples of Acute stress are emotional distress, muscular problems, stomach, gut, and bowel problems, and transient over arousal which can lead to chest pain.

Episodic acute stress are people who lives disorderly and are always in chaos and crisis. This type of person may always be in a rush, but never make anything on time. Any one can have a reaction to acute stress when they get anxious or short-tempered. Sometimes, when it comes to treating episodic stress, it can take time for someone to be treated with professional help. Anyone who has this stress can live their lives the way they believe is okay with them and most of the time, they see their lifestyle as who they are supposed to be. A person can stay treated if they are promised to be relieved from pain and discomfort of their problems.

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Chronic stress is the last stress that some people would not be able to enjoy as it is a stress that can make someone tired almost every day. This type of stress can destroy anyone’s life and can be long-term stress for situations such as; poverty, dysfunctional families, and being trapped in an unhappy marriage or career. Most of the time, a person can not find a solution to a miserable problem and can cause someone to give up on finding the answer. Childhood experiences could be another example of chronic stress as any type of experience from their past will cause a person to have pain and suffering. Although, chronic stress is a bad type of stress, most people live with it meaning that there is nothing they can do to change it and they get used to their lives the way it is. However, this may cause problems in the future and eventually the person may be a victim of suicide, violence, heart attack, and cancer.

Stress may seem like the worst thing anyone can have as it can cause them to lose track of focus on important things, managing stress is even harder than letting it go. Managing stress may seem like a hard thing to do however, it is easy when you can make a schedule for yourself and manage time for you to do everything within that day. It has been said that “Dealing with stress can be an everyday challenge. The greater the stress, the greater the toll may be on your health…and goals. However, this doesn’t mean you should try to get rid of all your stress” (Carter, p. 134) Trying to manage your time with stress can be complicated at first however, once you get used to your schedule and do everything you need to do within that time, you will see how easy it is to manage stress when there is a lot going on. There are also ways like eating balanced foods, exercising, and getting enough sleep that can help you manage stress and time a person may have to deal with in that moment.

There are many reasons why we have stress and where they come from. Stress can sometimes come from families, friends, school, work, etc. However, stress may come from the person themselves if they are not organized or are the type of people to do things “last-minute”. People who stress themselves out can also stress others and that won’t be good for anyone who is already stressed about something else. Instead, the person should try to take their time and do things early before time so, they can be able to do what they can on time instead of doing something last minute. Everyone can have stress however, there are different reasons for them and each one has a solution if the person can figure out the root of the problem. The problem could be about divorce for a married person or to pass a final exam for a college student. Some stress would need professional treatment for a person to recover and avoid too much tension on themselves.

Stress may be a problem for some people’s lives and can affect a person’s life including, school and work. When it comes to stress, some people may be able to deal with it and others may not depending on the type of stress they have. When it comes to a stress person, they may seem a bit more different like sleeping a lot in the classroom when they are usually up. Stress may cause a person to become unsuccessful as they give up on their goals they want to achieve. Many people can have many types of stress however, with scheduling, relaxing, and resting, anyone can overcome stress and be able to avoid any stress that comes into their lives. They would be able to focus more on what is important than what is not important and to be able to live a happy life without too many problems. Not all stress can go away however, stress can be managed in a way as many stresses that has problems can have solutions.


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