Stress Management Research Proposal

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Stress inadvertently costs business owners work production and money especially hen people begin reporting off from work due to their stresses. There are different kinds of stress, positive stress Is called gestures and examples of that would be getting married or getting a new job. Bad stress is called distress and examples of that would be getting divorced or going into foreclosure on a home. Different levels of stress can be advantageous to people and society as a whole because this allows for growth and prosperity. However, too much positive stress can have negative results in one’s health Just as bad stress.

This paper is about how I would have responded to other stress management techniques and their personal effectiveness. I will also discuss my rationale for their ranking. Over a two day period. I tried the stress technique of handling and using my time efficiently. I always put everyone else’s needs before my own which can be a problem if I am unable to get my tasks accomplished no matter how small a task it may seem. For instance, I had to take my daughter to a sports tryout, nevertheless, I also needed to pick up a gallon of milk for the next day while we were out.

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Because the tryouts took so long, I forgot to get the milk for breakfast therefore, I did not complete my task because I put my daughters need before my own task. I procrastinate when It comes to things I need to do whether it is homework assignments or organizing the cupboards when putting dishes away. Additionally, I wait until the very last minute to get things completed nightmare to finish a project. When working on a project I always stop and get something to eat or work on another project which makes me crazy because I know I need to get the first project completed.

I always wait to the last minute to get things done and I always end up stressed out. In order to use my time wisely and to put my needs first, I started making a list of the items that needed to be completed in the order of importance. The list is divided up by days of the week and due dates of what needed to be done. There were a few things on the list that belonged to the children that did come before my needs. Monday is dedicated to myself because that is the end of the week of my class and if everything is not done for the class, I work on it until I have it done.

The rest of the week tasks are written out and prioritize on a calendar. I also used some of the tips from the text to manage my Stress come from many sources like school, family, health related issues or time. Workplace problems. “There are many reasons we experience workplace stress. Our days are extremely busy, with not enough hours to complete all our tasks. We also might experience conflict with co-workers; different work ethics seem to be a very common cause of disagreement. Staff may represent several age groups, contributing strongly to differences in work ethic.

Different levels of education and skill within an office can also cause problems” (Hinting, 2010, page 1). In order to manage your workplace stress one must find out what the triggers are and avoid them or try to fix them. One thing a person can do to reduce the stress is to seek help whether it be from a professional therapist, friend or colleague. One thing is for sure, the best way to handle stress is to find a way to modify the surroundings that are affecting it. Also, one must always keep things in perspective by looking at the problem from another IEEE point or to Just take a break.

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