The Different Reasons Why I Study Abroad

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As a teenager, I had to make decisions about my future after high school. I could either continue my education at a nearby university or move to another part of the country. Another option was to study abroad in countries like the United States, Canada, or Australia, which some of my relatives had done before. However, I struggled with deciding on both what field of study I wanted and how to start working towards my goals. After pondering over this problem for months and seeking advice from family and friends, I still couldn’t choose between these two options.

There are several reasons why I chose to study abroad in the United States instead of studying in my university city near my house. Firstly, it would provide me with convenience and ensure a comfortable experience. Secondly, studying abroad would come with new challenges and difficulties, especially due to the unfamiliar language. However, despite these challenges, I made the decision to embark on this journey for various reasons: the support from my family, my sister deciding to join me, my desire to experience studying overseas, and the allure of university life in a different city.

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Firstly, I decided to study abroad in the United States with full support from my family. They provided both financial and informational assistance, especially my mother who was very encouraging. She believed it would be beneficial for me to discover new opportunities and expand my knowledge. Additionally, my older brother, who studied in America for seven years, gave valuable advice about life there. He suggested that I focus on my studies and choose a major that I am truly passionate about in order to succeed.

One reason for my decision to study in America was my sister’s intention to pursue her Master’s Degree there. This not only made me feel comfortable about studying in America, but it also assured me that I wouldn’t be alone as a family member would be with me. Additionally, my sister and I carefully planned every aspect of our move to America, including choosing the best state among the fifty to achieve our goals. At the same time, I strongly believed that this choice would benefit both myself and my sister in terms of gaining valuable knowledge and life experiences.

One reason for my decision to study in the USA is due to the substandard quality of my city university. After completing high school, I had the chance to enroll at my city university for a semester. However, I quickly realized that it offered no additional knowledge beyond what I had already gained in high school. Furthermore, there were no extracurricular activities or a positive atmosphere at the university. Although not all universities in my country are inadequate, the one I attended was awful. As a result, I opted to study abroad and take advantage of this opportunity in my life.

After careful consideration and discussions with friends, I ultimately chose to study abroad in America. Along the way, I came across a picture that perfectly captures the study and life experience in America. My friend reassured me not to worry and assured me that I would meet many friendly people there. This conversation greatly influenced my decision to study outside of my home country.

In today’s job market, it is crucial to have a unique skill or specialization that sets you apart from others who have completed the same major. When I apply for jobs upon returning home, studying abroad will distinguish me from those who only studied locally. Studying abroad will expose me to new environments, people, and lifestyles – fulfilling my desire for new experiences and perspectives.

In conclusion, I decided that I was in the right place for learning outside. Although, I will not regret any day for taking this chance. Even though I learned how the person can decide to get the

good thing in his life. After considering all of these reasons – my family supporting, my sister’s plan to go with me, my opinion on studying outside, and the life at my city university – it bussed me to a better future

in terms of knowledge and experience. This moment in my life was before two years ago and now I am here at Stout to fulfill my dream goals.

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