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Study Abroad Is Good or Bad?

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Do you know one third students are going to abroad for obtaining better education background? In this essay, I will discuss both sides of argument but also state why I believe that students who are going abroad are helpful to them. On one hand, students go abroad are not only to learn academic knowledge but also to cultivate their ability. In terms of learning, they have better language environment to learn fast. Also, they can develop their interpersonal skills with other foreign students during team work and enhance their competence.

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Study Abroad Is Good or Bad?
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As for motivating their skills, when they study overseas, they have to learn how to handle their daily basic things such as renting a accommodation , cooking three meals and getting along with other roommates. Those things has led them becoming independent. In addition, they have to fit on the different culture in the foreign countries like their languages and lifestyle. They should overcome this culture shock so that they can enjoy living in other countries.

That is why I suppose that if students could go abroad , then it may benefit their future.

Nevertheless, overseas students are more arrogant when they choose future jobs without any work experiences. They suppose that they have higher qualification so that they are unwilling to do basic or lower salary jobs , whereas some employees who like to learn fundamental to advanced things are more have better promotion opportunities. Comparing those people, at the beginning, overseas students may have greatest interview opportunity but they are unwilling to work on the basic position. This has led their education background useless.

In addition, study overseas fee is expensive which are cause some families burden and advanced technology is really convenient , students can absorb any knowledge online. They do not need spend amount money for higher education. To sum up, I would agree that although overseas expense is high and students who have imperious attitude are easily fail on their career, general trend is that they may have better qualified and capability to do their profession. Thus, I encourage students to go abroad study and add their knowledge.

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