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Reproductive health clinic in Massachusetts

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John Salvia was an anti-abortionist who used his religion as an excuse to murder. He fatally shot and killed two women who worked at Planned Parenthood reproductive health clinic in Massachusetts in 1994. Salvia lawyers claimed he had Schizophrenia because of his previous actions before he was arrested. His own mother testified at his trial that he told her he “was the thief on the cross with Jesus”. To others, Salvia was Just an named up conspiracy theorist.

He thought the Mafia and ASK were out to get him and that there were several conspiracies going on.

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Reproductive health clinic in Massachusetts
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One involved the Freemasons; one involved paper currency (which he thought was being manipulated) and the other one was against the Catholics. In my opinion the verdict was correct. Salvia was guilty of cold blooded murder. I believe this because Salvia planned these attacks. He had every intention of hurting or killing someone. When he entered the clinics he made sure that he was in the right place before he started to shoot.

Salvia repeated this same routine at three different clinics and even eluded the police. His actions only proved to me that he was fully alert and aware of what he was planning and also who he was shooting and his reasons for killing people. He planned these attacks ahead of time and then executed the plans out. Just because you are weird to other people, yell out stupid statements in public or misinterpret religious teaching of intolerance on certain issues does not mean you are mentally There has to be more evidence behind this kind of defense.

There should be more incidents where he can clearly be defined as mentally ill. The fact that Salvia was so young could help with research. He has a short past. He was only 22 years old and there is nothing documented about his past behavior or any reoccurring mental problems. Salvia, in my opinion put on an act for all to see. He craved attention and the only reason he pleaded guilty was be controversial which is what he was used to. In no way do I believe he had a mental illness, he was Just a cold hearted killer. Study Guide By missing

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