Studying In The Uk: My Reasons For Choosing My Course Of Study At These Three Graduate Schools

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I have selected the same course of study, accounting and finance, at three different universities which is my prerogative according to Chevening’s university selection policy. After much deliberation I have selected: The Imperial College of London; The University of Reading-Henley Business School; and The University of Portsmouth, all in the order of ranking of choice. I have selected these three graduate institutions because: they each provide a good education with practical teaching methods; all have strong reputations for taught master’s in accounting and finance; they provide an excellent learning environment; and they give students access to world class facilities which are currently not available in my home country.

Pursuing a master’s in accounting has been a life goal for quite some time. From the time of university, I had started to seriously research more about masters and scholarship opportunities for accounting. Only until late last year, was I informed about Chevening Scholarships; I did not apply as it was too late. After much research, I decided to focus on a Masters in Accounting & Finance. My choice was based on the following factors:

• My career choice- Having chosen to pursue a career in accounting, having a master’s degree that provides greater knowledge and a more in depth understanding of accounting, and the world of business, is definitely ideal.

• Pursuit of other studies in future- After successfully taking my master’s program, I will be better positioned in my opinion, to sit for exams required for the Charted Professional Accountant Designation,(CPA Canada). For the master’s in accounting will provide me with a deeper and more thorough knowledge of accounting theory and practice, which is essentially what will be tested on such professional exams.

• Personal Fulfillment-It is my personal goal to complete a master’s in accounting. Since I was first introduce to accounts at college, I have developed a strong passion for accounts and a keen interest in the business world. As a result, I have personally wanted to see myself grow and develop in the knowledge of accounting and business. Also, having such a degree will greatly assist me in my goal of being a great financial advisor both locally and internationally and will in future provide me with greater earning opportunities, which will enable me to better assist financially, our church’s youth ministry in funding several youth initiatives which I normally lead upon the Board’s approval.

In summary, I hope my reasons for choosing my course of study at these three graduate schools has been made clear.

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