Studying Abroad Is Better Than Studying Local Universities Comparison

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What is your opinion? You should write at least 350 words. Illustrate your opinion with examples. Looking at the trend recently, most of the students feel that studying abroad is better than studying in local universities. As a saying goes, the grass always looks greener on the other side of the fence. However, the students have their own choices either studying in universities abroad or in local universities. They have own reason to stud locally or abroad. Both of universities, abroad or local have their own uniqueness.

So, we cannot ignore the fact that studying abroad is better than studying in local universities but to study in local also has advantages. In Malaysia, there are many local universities that have a good quality and students have a variety of choice that they can choose. In my opinion, I disagree that studying abroad is better than studying in local universities. This is because studying in local universities can save the cost and it is as good as universities abroad while students who study abroad are exposed to culture shock and they will not have communication barrier.

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First, studying in local universities can save the cost compared to studying in universities abroad. The different countries have different currency rate. Usually, when we convert our currency to other’s currency, our value will become smaller. So, we need more money to study abroad. The students need a lot of money to pay a fee if studying abroad compared to studying in local. When they study in universities in USA or United Kingdom, they also need more money to buy winter clothing because the countries different climate.

Not only that, as the further the country is from our country, the higher the price of flight ticket is. So, much money is needed to buy the flight ticket to and fro. If they are in emergency cases, they cannot go home immediately because they have no money to buy flight ticket even though they need to go home urgently. The higher cost of living is needed if the students study abroad. The price of food, transportation and accommodation is much higher abroad. So, these are the reasons why I think studying in local universities is better than studying abroad

Furthermore, local universities are as good as universities abroad. Nowadays, students from outside countries also come here to study in local universities. That means that they trust our local universities which have a good quality system of education. This shows that studying locally is a right choice for our future. Besides that, our system of education is also acknowledged internationally, that is why students from other countries are studying in our local universities. We cannot deny that the quality of education in local universities is also as good as the universities abroad.

Not only that, our local universities have complete facilities for students such as students’ hostel, libraries that are complete with a variety of books and materials for students to make reference and do research, Internet such as Wi-Fi and laptops or note books are prepared to make it easier for students to surf the Internet and to complete their assignment. Local universities also have a good quality of lecturers that have higher level of education and experience in teaching. If students are studying in local universities and they were from poor families and need more money to study they can get financial support.

The Government gives financial support such as PTPTN for students to help them pay their cost of studies in universities. Moreover, students who study abroad are exposed to culture shock. Students who arrive at foreign countries for the first time will take a long time to understand foreign culture. It makes it hard for students to feel comfortable when living and studying in universities abroad. For example, foreign people have their own lifestyle. Definitely, their life style is different with our life style. So, the students need to learn that to adapt themselves at the outside countries.

However, when studying in local universities, we do not need to local culture because we already know about it and we will not change our lifestyle here. The students can also focus on studies because they do not need to think and learn other’s culture and lifestyle. Now, most students who study abroad will have to adapt their lifestyle and they may become different people because they are exposed to culture shock. Last, by studying in local universities, students will not have communication barrier. This is because it is easier to communicate with their family when they study near their family.

Family can also come to visit to give them moral support often. It can cause the students to feel encourage in studies. The students still have strong family bond with their family when studying in local universities. In addition, if the students study in universities abroad, they will be far away from their family. So they will find it hard to contact and meet their family even though they have semester holidays. Besides that, if studying abroad we need to learn new languages. This is because of the different languages with other students there.

The students will also feel hard to communicate with other students of their dialect and language is not the same with us. Although speaking in English, we need to understand their dialect when communicating with them. In conclusion, studying in local universities is better than studying in universities abroad. This is because local universities have a good quality of education. We can see from the statistics, the number of students from outside countries who study in our local universities is increasing because they trust that our local universities have a good quality of education.

If students study in local universities, they can also save the cost of their education in universities. Government gives the financial support for them to continue their studies in universities. These are facilities that local universities have prepared for students who study there. So, students can make their own decision whether to study abroad or locally but in my opinion, studying in local is better than studying in universities abroad.

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