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Successful Brand Story in Bangladesh

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Assignment on Brand Management (Mkt 543) Assignment Name: Brand Story – ACI Salt. Submitted to: Dr. Md. Golam Faruque PhD, Distinction, (UQ, Australia), MScRRP (AIT, Thailand), 1st Class BScAgEcon (Hons), 1st Class, (BAU), DAIBB (IBB) Instructor: Brand Management School of Business Independent University Bangladesh Submitted by: A. S. M. Faizullah ID: 0725142 Summer Semester, 2010 Date: June 01, 2010 ACI Salt: Successful Branding of a Commodity The Initiative:

Next to water, salt is the most essential item in human diet but it has always been a very low involvement commodity product for most of the consumers.

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Successful Brand Story in Bangladesh
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The salt industry of Bangladesh has always been in a backward position offering the consumers low quality edible salt that they use in everyday cooking. And the consumers were not differentiating much among the brands available to choose this important nutrient of everyday life. Observing the situation, ACI Limited, one of the leading conglomerates of the country, decided to offer the consumers a finest quality of edible salt omparable to any international brand and thus contribute to enrich the quality of life of people which is also part of ACI’s corporate mission.

Launching with USP: In August 2005, ACI Salt was launched in the market. With world class technology and most modern machineries, ACI Salt is processed through the most modern vacuum evaporation system which ensures 100% pure, crystal white, properly iodized and free flowing edible salt.

Its high quality food grade laminated packaging ensures the iodine contents to remain active for longer period and at the same time protects the salt to absortb moisture or any impurities. Ingredients & Comparative Features: The comparative features and functional distinctions between ACI Salt and other ordinary salts produced through washing method are as follows: |Particulars |Ordinary Salt |ACI Salt | |NaCl Content |

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