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Surfing the Internet

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The internet can be a huge and scary informational jungle for a

non-expert. Given the enormous amount of information that the

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Surfing the Internet
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internet contains, this is no surprise. There are things that one can do

though, to make their quest for knowledge easier.

When looking for a specific item in this cyberactive library it is

easier to have a plan, and then focus on a particular subject. Most

likely, using a search tool will be your first means of finding what it is

that you need. When using a search tool for the first time it is best to

develop a general understanding of it. First, get to know how it works,

and the type of language used when dealing with it. For example, each

search tool usually has its own unique criteria, thus making the search

for information that much more difficult. Responses to a particular

query can vary greatly from search tool to search tool. Also the same

query sent by the same inspection tool may come up with various

responses from day to day, because web pages are constantly being

You will find, if you consistently use the internet, that things will

become much less difficult for you as your experience broadens.


very first time I used the internet I was very intimidated, and thought

that anyone who could use such an elaborate thing must be a genius. The

many search tools and the complexities of their use baffled me. Now,

I zip around the information highway like a whiz kid, and I have come to

view the whole thing as one huge library.

To speed up your searches, bookmark your favorite search tools

for future use. You can also bookmark certain helpful sites while you

are searching, so that you can come back to them later without wasting

time by searching for them again. By bookmarking sites you eliminate

the risk of typing errors when the address or URL is long and

complicated. When you are in a hurry and you come across long articles

it is helpful to copy the article on the clipboard and then paste it to the

word processing window to read or print at a later time. When you are

not rushed you may come back to the article and decide which parts, if

any, you wish to keep for future reference.

Some, like my father, say that the internet is the doorway to the

devil. Others say it is an impossible, confusing, and frustrating piece of

trash, but I say that when used properly it is a great tool for learning.

Many times it has been a lifesaver when I needed information quickly,

and did not have the time to go to the library. Yes, it is confusing for

people who do not understand it, but like learning to ride a bike the

more you try the better you become. Suddenly the jungle can become

your backyard, and the novice can become a wizard.


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Surfing the Internet. (2018, Sep 17). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/surfing-the-internet-essay/

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