Biology Topics

Broccoli is often termed as a miracle food as its’ health benefits are seemingly endless( Mitchell et al. 114) Essay

Vegetables are an essential component to contributing to a person's health in a positive manner. Vegetables increase the chances for a person to live more healthy, active, and less prone to certain diseases and cancers(Murray et al. 133). They act as anti-oxidants and prevent dangerous substances in a...

Kidneys and nephrons functions Essay

Kidneys are located on the posterior wall of the abdomen and protected by lower ribs. They are supplied by blood, which is transported from aorta through renal arteries, and filtered blood will be transported back through renal veins (Bradley & Calvert 2011). A kidney consists of outer cortex, inner...

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Comparing and and contrasting the endocrine system with the nervous system in their control of homeostasis Essay

Homeostasis is a process of regulating and constant internal environment in respond to external factors and takes place through biological processes (Thibodeau & Patton 2008). These processes naturalize changes that affect metabolic equilibrium. For life system parameters to be regulated and monitored...

Gender Identity is not simply a matter of biology Essay

Human beings are born sexual. They develop a strong sense of being male and female, the human behaviour of being a man or a woman is called gender identity. The characteristics of being a man or a woman involve biological, psychological, and sociological factors. People from all cultures have acted in...

The Effect of Certain Conditions on the Efficiency of Enzymes Essay

Daniel Peterson


To investigate the best conditions for the breakdown of H202 (Hydrogen Peroxide) by enzymes.


If the enzymes in liver and potato break down H202 in various conditions of pH, temperature, and surface area, then the fastest reaction will be with neutral pH, warm...

Investigate the effect of temperature on the activity of catalase Essay

Introduction: Enzymes are biological catalysts. They speed up metabolic reactions in the body but remain chemically unchanged themselves. Enzymes contain an active site. This is a region, normally a depression or cleft, to which another molecule may bind. This molecule is known as the substrate, and is...

Catalase Design Experiment Essay

To determine what effect pH has on the rate of reaction in the presence of the enzyme catalyse. Observing the enzyme activity on potato rods will discover this. The amount of carbon dioxide produced indicates the rate of reaction.


The enzyme will have an optimum pH of around neutral. Either...

The Light Microscope Essay

The following picture is a 'light microscope' common to all science laboratories.

Microscopes have allowed scientists an open window to the structure of cells and their function. The first microscopes were devised in the 17th century, and revolutionised scientific theory. They allowed scientist to put...

Investigating the influence of pH on the activity of potato catalase Essay

The active site is a region of the protein/enzyme such as a cleft or crevice in the tertiary structure of the enzyme, often constituting less than 5% of the surface area. The active site can be negatively charged to attract for example a positively charged amino group (basic side chains) and vice versa,...

Investigation into the affect of exercise on Heart Rate Essay

We aim to identify the affects that exercise has on your heart rate. We are going to conduct a series of experiments to hopefully proof that heart rate increases with exercise. However we must bare in mind that everyone's heart rate is different, there fore we will try to make an average hart rate.


Indian Head Massage Treatment Essay

The traditional art of Indian Head Massage is based on the ancient system of medicine known as Ayurveda, which has been practised in India for thousands of years.

The word 'Ayurveda' comes from Sanskirt and means 'the science of life and longevity. The Ayurvedic approach to health is the balance of body,...

Heart Rate Investigation Essay

The heart rate of a human varies from 150 beats per minute in young children, to about 60 beats per minute in the aged, however I am going to investigate whether my heart rate increases or decreases during physical exercise and why it does this.


From my general knowledge I predict that my...

Analysis of dog genome assists the understanding of human health Essay

Ever thought of how resembling and how close you and your pet dog can be? Dogs not only share the same air, same water, the same house or even the same bed with humans (Clarke, Toni. 2005), they also exhibit similarities in genes and diseases with humans. Here are some examples of numerous diseases that we...

Explain What Is Meant By The Human Genome Project Essay

A gene is a length of DNA that codes for a protein, and the word genome means all the genes that are present in an organism. The Human Genome Project was set up in 1990 in order to establish the entire gene sequence of a Human. It was an international project headed by James Watson, Watson had earlier helped...

How do Men and Women Cope with Energetic Constraints in their Environments? Essay

Energetic requirements are present in all humans at all times in the form of physical activity levels and basal metabolic rate. Energy constraints can come in the form of a heavy workload, insufficient dietary intake and in women the constraints imposed by pregnancy and lactation. In affluent societies these...

Investigation into the strength of various plant fibres Essay


The experiment is being performed in order to determine the strength of various plant cell fibres.


The xylem is surrounded by spirals and rings of lignin that provide strength to the cells. The sclerenchyma is also very tough and provides the plant with some strength. Both of these...

Biology field trip – A study of rocky shore ecosystem Essay

1. To understand the structure and functioning of a rocky shore ecosystem.


1. To measure climatic factors by means of an environmental comparator with a light probe, a whirling hygrometer, a hand-held wind meter, and a thermometer;

2. To measure pH of sea water on the spot;

3. To...

Human Impact at Hastings Point Essay

Hastings Point is a small settlement on the coast just south of Tweed Heads and the NSW border. The effects have been largely felt at Hastings Point; human impact has been the cause of a great deal of damage to the abiotic and biotic factors of the surrounding environments such as the mangroves, rocky shore,...

To Determine the Effect of Caffeine upon Heartrate Essay

Caffeine is a drug considered to be a stimulant as well as a mild diuretic. The substance itself can be sourced in beans, leaves and even the fruit of some plants where it exists as a natural pesticide.

Upon consumption by humans, caffeine acts as a metabolic stimulant upon the central nervous system...

Action & Energy Essay

Every day, millions of actions are being performed by you, me and everyone else in this world; aware actions, unaware actions, wanted actions, unwanted actions and many more. Every action performed costs energy. This energy is stored in our body and is obtained by eating certain food. Some actions are more...

What is Bernoulli’s Principle? Give examples of its diverse ‘use’ or ‘exploitation’ in animals Essay

All living organisms inhabit a world governed by mechanical laws and processes. For all organisms, too, the primary daily task is the search for food. This is not only limited in quantity but can also be energetically costly to obtain. As a result many animals have evolved ways of harnessing these mechanical...

To test the hypothesis that respiration uses stored food Essay

1. The dry mass and not the wet mass of the beans was measured because water would add to the weight and would distort the results. As water is created during respiration, getting rid of the water will show if the water is used.

2. You would find the dry mass of a bean seedling by, after removing the bean...

Bangladesh was hit by one of the worst monsoons seen by South Asia Essay

Why didn't Bangladesh's flood control systems stop the monsoon seas from breaking into the city? For the last couple of decades, Bangladesh has regularly spending about 20 percent of its budget on water development projects.

They have put in place numerous 'Flood Action Programs' (FAP) yet, the floods...

Investigating the effect of pollution on freshwater invertebrates, using Mayfly Nymph as an indicator Essay

Background Information

Pollution can be defined as "adding to the environment a potentially hazardous substance or source of energy faster than the environment can accommodate it."

Freshwater pollution

Organic waste, such as sewage is often dumped into rivers, as it is the easiest way to get rid of...

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