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Book Report on Reviving Ophelia by Dr. Pipher Essay

Dr. Pipher remembers her cousin Polly as a young girl. She describes her as energy in motion. A tomboy, Polly dances, plays sports with the neighborhood boys, and rides horses. Once Polly enters adolescence, however, other children begin teasing her about her tomboyish ways and insist that she be more...

The Gibson Girl vs The Flapper Girl Essay

The Flapper Girl and the Gibson Girl
At the end of the nineteenth century and into the early part of the twentieth century there were two predominant styles of dress and manner for women. The Gibson Girl was popular from about 1890 until the end of World War I which then gave rise to the Flapper Girl of the...

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The Fight Against Female Genital Mutilation Essay

The Fight Against Female Genital Mutilation

The fight against the traditional or customary female genital mutilation rages on.  The fight, which started from small beginning with few proponents, has grown up now involving world-wide organizations with strong outreach programs.  The efforts, however, have...

The negative perception of women on the representations of women from the written media Essay

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The negative perception of women on the representations of women from the written media
The exposures of women in the mass media have been an...

Women Empowerment Essay

Women Empowerment-Hands that rock the cradle will rule the world someday! Women being half of the population need to put their equal share in social and economic development. This can only be possible through women empowerment initiatives and giving them equal rights in the society. We all know that gender...

Toying with the Image of Women in Ads Essay


Toying with the Image of Women in Ads

In the past, information was not as readily available to the public as it is nowadays. This is especially true during war, when news and information are still subjected to gate-keeping or filtering by those who have access to it. Today, we are living in the...

Relating Jung’s study on masculine protest to an Article Essay


Women Behaving Manly,,,  Saturday night, to meet your buddies downtown for a monster game, your state’s most blood-soaked rivalry.you walked into the bar with TVs to the pregame, spot the guys in your favorite booth…then feel your heart sinking faster than a 3 point drainer. Squeezed between them...

Martha Stewart Guilty Essay


Martha Stewart’s name and face was splashed all over the newspapers, flashed from almost every prime time newscast and talked about by every media as her name was involved in the trade fraud scandal with ImClone pharmaceutical company. Her celebrity status had given much media attention even to...

Margaret Sanger : Birth Control Movement of 1912 Essay




Margaret Louise Higgins was born on September 14, 1879 in Corning, New York She was the sixth of the eleven children. She believed her mothers death was premature due to the many children she had which she had no control over.She attended Claverack College and Hudson River...

National Organization for Women (NOW) and MADRE Essay



National Organization for Women (NOW) and MADRE

There are various women organization today worldwide that have their own objectives, strategies and philosophies with a vision of achieving certain stated objectives. This paper will discuss two Women (NOW) and MADRE both of which are...

Lysistrata uses some very effective ways that have immediate results Essay

1.         a. To convince the Athenian women to join a coalition and to fight against their own men, for the sake of peace, Lysistrata uses some very effective ways that have immediate results.  First, she awakens her women companion’s patriotic feelings and presents the situation in the most dramatic way...

Low paid women Essay

The following research paper will reflect an analysis of the literature or peer reviewed articles that approach the subject of the low paid single mother.  The issues that pertain to this such as the demographic, the effects on household including gender roles and children’s identity will also be...

Linda Greenland Career Development Essay




Linda Greenland Career Development


Historical Background: Greeland was a woman whose mother’s name was “Aladen Leeman” “She grew up on Isle Au Hunt in the central coast of Maime” She is a graduate of Colby College (right in Maine, one of the nations’ premier...

Trojan Women Essay


The Trojan War has been part of the Greek history in 13th or 12th BC. It is one of the most significant events of their period because different happenings occurred hat brought new paths and changes to the whole society of Greek. Because of the battle of different tribes, families, and kingdoms,...

Three Women in One Body Essay

Three Women in One Body

Andrea, Heather and Tiffany occupy a single human body; hence they must be treated as a single individual by law.  Although multiple personality disorder is a recognized mental illness, countless experts have opined that it is not a real disorder by any means (Braude 61-64; Saks...

Three Women from the Modern Wing Essay

The Feminist thought has endured a long period of struggles and battles in pursuing the rights of women in society. This school of ideology has been spearheaded by women who bravely voiced out their philosophies and ideas in a society where patriarchy reigns. Many women have been notable in terms of sharing...

Market Revolution and Second Great Awakening Essay

The economic “market revolution” and the religious “Second Great Awakening” shaped American society after 1815. Both of these developments affected women significantly, and contributed to their changing status both inside and outside the home. Throughout time, women’s roles and opportunities in the family,...

Mentoring Women and Minority Officers in the 21st Century U.S. Army Essay

This paper is a research proposal for the thesis with title, ‘Mentoring Women and Minority Officers in the 21st Century U.S. Army’. Different aspects of the research have been discussed in the following sections.

Research Background
The US Army divide officers work in different area’s of...

Women’s hidden perceptions of work in ferns’ “the working girls of new york” and davis’ “life in the iron mills” Essay

Women’s hidden perceptions of work in ferns’ “the working girls of New York” and Davis’ “life in the iron mills”
1.     Women workers during the industrial revolution
2.    General perceptions of women during the industrial revolution
3.    THESIS:  In both of...

The treatment of the women and godesses of the Illiad Essay

A. Thesis Statement: Through the lives of the various female characters, including the goddesses and other mortal women, it portrayed how women are viewed and treated in the Greek society during the ancient times. As compared to this generation’s perspective on women, the women then are viewed as creatures...

The Asians’ Portrayal in Both Japanese and Western Theater Essay

The Asians’ Portrayal in Both Japanese and Western Theater

Theater history for female Asians could be described as colorful as well as haunting; the message behind each play echoed the suppressed cries of women. Women were not permitted to be in theatrical art for such a long period of time. One...

The Role of women as victims Essay

The Role of women as victims
The role played by victims of crimes has been a subject of discussion for many years. A considerable amount of time has been given to the role played by women as victims of several crimes committed to them. Some of the problems that one can encounter when working with victims...

The Role of Women in Hinduism and Islam Essay

The Role of Women in Hinduism and Islam
            Gender is one of the many issues that are tackled in almost all aspects of life. Throughout history, the issues on gender have helped in distinguishing a society from the other. For instance, among the great cities in Athens, it is in Greece where women...

Women in Society Essay

Women in Society
An Analysis of “The Rachel Papers” from the “Bitch” magazine

Why this article?
“The Rachel Papers” tackles the popularity of Rachel Maddow, a lesbian sudden-star in Cable TV who has enjoyed not just mere tolerance but rather an extremely positive reception from the public, including...

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