An Annotated Bibliography on Improving an Athlete’s Vertical Jump Height

This book edited by Thomas R. Blanche and Roger Wt Earle is described as a must have for strength and conditioning specialists. It covers a multitude of topics including how to improve performance, gym designs, muscle groups and how to strengthen them. This book is required reading in order to earn a CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) certification from the NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association). This book explains different ways in which an athlete can improve, and it also addresses specific injuries that some athletes may be more prone to get, “Essentials of Strength and Conditioning 3rd Edition” contains important information which is crucial for specialists to use when training otherst Thomas R. Blanche has had more than thirty—five years of experience and is the department chair of exercise science at Creighton University in Omaha Nebraska.

Along with teaching at multiple universities, he has also volunteered for many positions in associations around the world. He has also gained the Lifetime Achievement Award in 1998. Roger WI Earle has a master’s degree University of Nebraska at Omaha He got this achievement in 2008, He is responsible for developing the CSCS certification and he also helped to develop the rigorous exam that is required to gain this certification. This book will help my project by supplying me with data and statistics that I can compare and contrast to my own data, Specifically, the data on the vertical jump height is what I am going to user My thinking has been affected by this resource because it has a normal jump height of a high school athlete at around twenty to twenty-four inches. Overall this will be an important resource because it contains information on specific training that I can pinpoint and implement into my training program.

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This online book is about the various ways that one can increase their vertical jump height. It discusses the various myths about different types of exercises, and it explains that verticaljump height is not something that you can train specifically because it is a measurement of overall athleticism. This means that one cannotjump rope and only do jumping exercises every day and hope to jump higher. Instead, one has to train different muscle groups and other athletic aspects of their body in order to increase their vertical jump height. It is emphasized within this book that vertical jump height is usually a side effect of athletic training. It also says that vertical jump is not an aspect that is slow, it is an explosive movement which requires a large output of force in a short period of time. The final emphasis that this book makes, is that strength is needed as a backbone for vertical jump force.

Barbell training is recommended Kelly Bagget is a certified professional trainer with over thirty years of professional and personal experience under his beltt He has trained in over fifteen different sports which range from Mixed Martial Arts to Gymnastics When he came into his freshman year of high school, he was told he was not athletic enough to play sports and he took that as a challenge to improve himself and become a stronger person. He is also the founder of Higher-Faster- which is a website dedicated to helping athletes perform betteri Because increasingjump height is a scientific fact, there is not much room for bias and Bagget does not appear to express any through his book, This book will help me because it has a detailed history of different training methods and how they helped a personjump higher, and other methods which hurt an athlete’s jump height.

This book has affected how I think about my topic because many of the ideas expressed in other sources have been confirmed in this book. It is eye opening because I thought that some of these ideas were slightly far-fetched, but in reality, they have valid research and testing to back them up With this research, I can help tune my training program be better fit my needs so that I can increase my vertical jump height to its maximum capacity Exosr (2015) Human performance training course [Brochure]. Tempe, AZ: Author. This book is a manual on how to become an overall better athleter It explains the importance of nutrition in great detail, going as far as to identify good and bad foods to eat for breakfast In the nutrition section, it also specifies that breakfast is truly the most important meal of the day because it “jump starts your metabolism, fuels your brain, and provides energy for the first portion of your day”.

Aside from nutrition, the other topics covered include the specific qualities of strength that an athlete should have, and how to create you own training calendar. This training calendar is shown as a three to four month period that can be broken up into week-long periods, Overall, these topics provide great insight into how to become an athlete who can perform at a higher level, and for a longer period of time.  This book was written by certified professional trainers and dieticians who use data from numerous studies to base their guidelines off of. At the end of each section, there is an appendix box which cites all the resources they based their booklet off of, These sources are cited in APA format and they are all from very recent sources. This book was written by many different writers, and because this is just about the components of a high performing athlete, the only bias is the constant reference the company’s brand of supplements which they sell.

This book is extremely reliable and has been tried and tested by many. The specific company, Exos, is a professional training group which trains Olympic athletes from all around the globe This resource will help my specific on the nutrition aspect of my plan because they show specific nutrients that I should eat more of, and they also show certain foods that I should avoid. Fresh fruits and veggies pltts minimally processed carbohydrates are recommended for long term energyl Lean meats and brightly colored veggies are also recommended because they contain less saturated fats and more nutrients. Using this information along with the other pages on sleep, hydration, and recovery, I can program my workout plan to benefit me in as many ways as it can. Functional Movement Systems (2014), The functional movement screen and exercise progressions manual [Brochure]. Brea, CA: Author.

This book is a series of tests that are used to test and athlete‘s ability to perform seven functional movements which are necessary to be a top-notch athlete, These movements are outlined and they help identify imbalances or weaknesses within and athlete. They measure the functional skill, functional performance, and functional movement of an athlete The pages that are specifically being researched contain information on the importance of performance and efficiency The efficiency of a movement is defined as power, and with an increased power, an athlete can perform a movement with more intensity and drive, The creators of this brochure: Gray Cook, Lee Burton, and Keith fields are all certified professional trainers and have been training professional athletes for many years of their lives. They coach and teach at several different colleges, and Gray Cook is a Level I coach with the US. Weightlifting Federation.

With their many years of combined experience, this packet has amazing resources that exemplify their experience and skill, The limitations to this resource are that only a few pages talk about the subject that I am researching, and it may be slightly time-consuming to pick information out of the eighty pagesl. This resource will help me because it provides definitions of key terms that I plan to use in my project, such as power, athleticism, and functional movement. This resource affected my viewpoint because it opened me up to a new way of thinking about the moves that I do in volleyball all the time. Some of them are a combination of many functional movements, These functional movements are the basis on which my project will be built and by learning how to do them faster and with more intensity, my vertical jump height, and volleyball skill level will become better.

Basic barbell training (3rd ed., Starting Strength), Wichita Falls, TX: Aasgaard. In this book written by Mark Rippetoe, an experienced weight trainer, presents data on the benefits and downsides to weight training. It also presents the correct form and mechanics for all of the barbell training movements. These topics include weighted squats, deadlifts, snatches, cleans, and various other movements which all focus on specific muscle regions of the body. Rippetoe states that “Our strength, more than any other thing we possess, still determines the quality and the quantity of our time here in these bodies“. The book strives to prove that strength training (specifically barbell) can create a higher state of fitness for all types of athletes. With his experience, Mark Rippetoe displays the correct form for each of the barbell movements, but his book does have limitations.

These are specifically his views on how to perform the movement, and even though he has been extremely successful with his weightlifting career, he does not have a professional degree in exercise science. It is difficult to be biased on presenting the form in which to perform a movement, but there is a strong bias against exercise machines within the opening pages. The book states that there is no substitute for barbell training and that other exercises “might do worse than merely waste time” Rippetoe’s book is well researched, submitting data on both how energy is used during exercise and afterward. This resource will specifically help me with my personal project because it gives detailed explanations on each of the barbell movements, which I can reference when I create my workout plan. There is also a section of the book titled programming, which suggests the frequency in which to train with barbellst I can cite this and use it as a backbone to construct my workout plan.

There are warnings and suggestions for pre and post workout activities, so I will be able to take them into account and wisely plan my time and make sure to prevent injury to the highest degree Rippetoe, Mt (2007) Strong enough?: Thoughts from thirtyyears of barbell trainingi Wichita Falls, TX: Aasgaard. This book is a guide to performing barbell weight movements. lt chronicles six of these lifts, which include slow lifts, squats, presses, deadlifts, bench presses, and power cleans. Each of these movements targets a specific muscle group and if performed correctly can greatly increase the overall power of an athlete It contains explanations of how different muscle groups work together to create power and increased mobility, This book also classifies a vertical jump as an explosive movement, meaning that it is not to be performed slowlyi It is a singular movement which requires many muscle groups to work together to propel the body upwards.

It also emphasizes on performance and not looksi Mark Rippetoe is a professional trainer who has been lifting weights for many years Although he does not have a degree in physical training, he has tested methods which are the most efficient. His work is very reliable and many people use it as a guide to start their training. This book may be biased towards barbell training because it is prominently listed on almost every page, This bias does not harm the overall information presented because there is no bias when presenting the method on how to correctly lift a bar without getting injured. Overall, this resource is very reliable and contains up to date information that is very relevant to the topic that I am researching. This resource will help me because it contains crucial information on the form of specific barbell movement, I can reference this when I learn how to complete them.

Near the back of the book, there is a section about how the only way to attain goals is through hard work, and that is the basis of my whole project. I am going to work hard and train hard in order to increase my vertical jump height. This has affected my thinking, because some information that I thought was true, was disproven in the book One of these was that weightlifting makes you big and bulky, but in fact, it increases your physical performance and makes you a better athlete, and if well balanced with other types of training, you can be well adapted for your sport. For example, I play volleyball so I would not strictly weightlift, I would also cross-train and run in order to maintain cardiovascular health. “Virginia High Performance.” Personal interview. 7 July 2016. In this interview with Vernon Griffith 11, I inquired about the fine details of high performance and gained insight into his business, Virginia High Performance.

The topics that he covered ranged from recovery to the fine aspects of tuning a workout program. I also showed him my workout program and I was able to get some pointers and tips on how to maximize the benefits. These included drinking lots of water, getting enough rest, and stretching before and after workouts. Vernon Griffith 11 is the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Virginia High Performance in Virginia Beach. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association. This certification takes years to achieve and Vernon gained this certification in 2014 along with a Performance Enhancement Specialist certification a few years before in 2012 Vernon Griffith 11 is well versed with the knowledge of strength and conditioning with many years spent training professional and high school athletes.

He uses tried and tested techniques to help athletes achieve their goals. This interview will help my project because it provided lots of the finer aspects or information that I needed in order to make my training program better. This interview affected my thinking because before, I did not think to include yoga into my routine Afterward, I made sure to add some form of stretching in order to maximize flexibility and improve my jump height. Overall this interview helped bring light to parts of my project that I had not thought about yet which in turn will help improve the training program. This website article discusses the exercises to increase your vertical jump height Mike Westerdal explains that there are four components to increasing your vertical jump height which are endurance, muscle strength, muscle endurance, and joint flexibility. These factors all contribute to how high an athlete can jump.

When an athlete only trains one aspect, their vertical jump height can only increase so much. They will not be able to take advantage of all aspects of their body to make themselves jump higher. They can only improve so much before they are restricted by the other aspects that they are not training, This source is slightly less reliable than the other sources on this list because it is an online article The writer is slightly biased because the article is a promotional article for a book and exercise program, The information presented is biased, but it is still all factually correct and still a good resource to use for my project The writer has a lot of experience and uses other resources to prove his points.

This article has very good information about how to plan out a workout regimen that is conducive to building jump height.  This article will help me because I can compare my final workout schedule with that of other athletes. By doing this I can compare how effective my plan was on reaching my goal of increasing my vertical jump height by six inches. It has affected how I think about my topic because increasing one‘s vertical jump height is a difficult thing to do Creating the most efficient plan in which to do this has not been done yet because it requires personalization to each specific athlete. With this personalization aspect ofjump training, my project can help others discover their potential on how to jump higher.

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