Humanity Topics

Main Findings – Questionnaire Sudharshine Essay

My main question is about cigarette sales - whether cigarette sales should be banned or not. To find out what other people say to this ban, I created a questionnaire for twenty people.

I gave the questionnaire to males and females, smokers and non - smokers.

The questionnaire that was created gave me...

Humanities: Understanding Society, People and Art in a critical way Essay

I lived by the cliche "read between the lines", usually the simple things are given, however, if you want to find gold you have to go beyond the standard and check out the gray areas. I was contended to see what is visible without even thinking or analyzing other factors not until I joined the class and...

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Namesake: Nikolai Gogol and Gogol’s Circumstance Essay

The Namesake has a connection to belonging as if deals with the disconnection of the Ganguli’s. The theme of alienation and the search for belonging between the two cultures is represented through the shifts between the two countries; where Ashoke and Ashima move to America growing their children up in an...

Manned Space Flight: The Future of Humanity Essay

Manned Space Flight: The Future of Humanity

            It’s been nearly thirty-nine years since astronaut Neil Armstrong became the first human being to step foot on the surface of the moon. Almost four decades have passed since the day that the world heard him utter the words that are now immortalized...

Rose – A symbol of humanity Essay

Rose – A symbol of humanity.

Rose holds a soft corner in human hearts since the dawn of time. History reveals- rose dwelled even before 35 million years and even the ancient Egyptian tombs bear evidence of   petrified rose wraths. Rose symbolizes a variety of emotions; it epitomizes beauty, love, passion,...

Humanities Essay

Sophocles was among the three ancient Greek writers of the tragedian genre. His works has received numerous and in-depth analysis both from historians and academicians. The most common tragedies that he penned are those concerning ant gone and Oedipus. Sophocles intoned the plots of most of his...

Humanities today Essay

Humanities, evidently derived from the word human, are academic fields centered on human nature itself. It involves a lot of disciplines under its umbrella, but the main recurring plotlines are the same, human condition or everything that encompasses the nature of being a human, the life of a human....

Humanities and the mystery of human existence Essay

Humanities and the mystery of human existence
Human existence has so many mysteries in a variety of ways as expounded by quite a number of humanity studies which can be viewed as a search for interpretation and meanings of these underlying mysteries. Each of these study fields contribute significantly to...

Classification on inconsiderate people Essay

            We all try to get others to do what we want them to. If I do not know how to get one to act in ways rewarding, I may feel frustrated and even pained. So, in many ways, I influence another’s behavior and he influences mine. That’s part of the reality of our lives. However, there are people who...

Clean Hands Clair Patterson’s Crusade against Environmental Lead Contamination Essay

           Clean Hands Clair Patterson’s Crusade against Environmental Lead Contamination

Humanity is obliged to pay dearly for the excesses...

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