First engineers in South Africa

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            In this time and age, most of the people are busy and exhausting all their ends in order to work hard and contribute to the association they are apt to. In fact, what is good about this instance is the thought that beyond our personal needs we put on top of our priority the aspiration to excel in our own fields – and this is where sense of commitment comes in.

            As we run through the circumstances in the story of As one of the first black engineers in South Africa we were able to dwell upon the major concepts such as how to be a great leader and at the same time a role model; how to be a good subordinate; and what is the real definition of a splendid company. These were the major highlights that we could possible contemplate on and ultimately, these has a huge say in order for us to think beyond just working and earning money. Our passion could be more expanded than when we limit our aspirations with our company.

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            Being a great leader and a role model are somewhat cliché to some people most especially when they size up the abilities of a certain person specifically the heads of their teams. In fact, being a good leader delivers to drive certain levels of perceptions that he can explore with his members, “Motivation is another variable that plays into good leadership” (Leadership – What makes a good leader; Curry).

            One of the perks that have been reiterated in the story of Matya was the issue of him being black. Being on a different race was a bit hard indeed most especially if the people that surrounds you are hard headed enough not to realize that the abilities of a person does not depends if he’s black or white but on how he manage to deal with his craft and his people. A deep sense of being a role model is to have convictions despite the triggering factors of disappointments coming from the people even part of your team, “I came to Duvha initially as part of a team evaluating the plant as a pilot site for a new software commercial system, one of the managers said our toilets are not open to blacks, you’ll have to find yourself a toilet outside the plant; I replied, you guys must decide whether you want this team here or not because I’m part of the team”(As one of the black engineers in South Africa, Matya).

            Being a good subordinate entails a lot of responsibilities wherein a person is bound to expand his horizon and think beyond the box of self interest and narrow mindedness. Accepting wholeheartedly the new member of the team would be of great importance to show your great sense of attitude not only towards your work but within your self growth as well.

            Everyone should be involved with the aspirations of the company. Being part of the team, it is imperative to exemplify things hand in hand to avoid any misconceptions towards a certain matter. In view of this, the ultimate goal would be to meet the demands of the company having a good internal relationship.

            Taking into account the instances in the story, acceptance of ones race is necessary in view of the fact that it did not actually prohibit the aspirations of the company. No one should be bias on judging a person because of his race alone most especially if his perceptions are brilliant indeed. There should be no denial to the capabilities of a certain person. Trust should be on top of the minds of an individual to grasp things openly and eagerly. In this way, they will be able to produce a good system of maintaining the company, “I was still the black person in top management – and an outsider to boot, because I had not come up through the traditional route of power generation management” (As one of the black engineers in South Africa, Matya).

            Defining a great company is a tough job because of its wide horizons. Perhaps to be able to elaborate such was to truly understand what lies within – and that’s to maintain rapport with the members of your team as the head and relationship towards your people per se; and how the company actually evolved given the system at hand.

            The relationship between the head of the team and its subordinates should be given a colossal attention for the reason that it drives a huge effect to the system they are implementing as they are the ones who should apply it first internally. Indeed, for the company to proliferate, the system should start internally and within the hearts of the people who comprises the company.

            Challenges come in every single moment of struggling to enhance the company like that of misconstrue internally. The ultimate fact which delivers a downfall to the system of the company was the disagreement between the panels of people who manage to create a system, “I would be dealing with old hatreds and resentments” (As one of the black engineers in South Africa, Matya). There should be a compromising factor as the company builds a straightforward system which will later on uplift the company’s views.

            A structure of molding and executing a certain portfolio is imperative to guide the people on what they are bound to do as well as what was expected of them and this is a good note as our company evolve together with its people, “The matrix of change presents a way to capture connections between practices, it displays both reinforcing and interfering organizational process” (The Matrix of Change; Brynjolfsson).

            Grasping the entire phenomenon at hand with the story, it opens my perception towards a certain concept of valuing our craft and excels with our people. Our interests should not be limited to what we could possibly get with what we do but a deep sense of attachments towards our chosen fields.

            In view of my change process, it permits me to explore the manner of uniting with people such as creating team building that will boost the relationship of the members of the team; hence, this was believed to be beneficial to the stability of establishing a good company. In this way also, you will be able to have a grip on the emotions of each and everyone of the team and can easily draw connections and attachments. The most imperative part of learning taking into account the wisdom from the story was the fact of not giving up with your people and stretches the entire possible end to mold their minds to be more cooperative and attach to their field – and this will make a good leader and an well established company.


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