Marketing Topics

ABC Cheese Competitive Positions And Related Strategies

Competitive position and market structure form part of the current situation analysis whereby they contribute to the identification and ranking of opportunities and threats in the SWOT analysis. These considerations need to be used as an input when selecting the most appropriate strategies to take the...

Discuss, with reference to current authors, what is meant by a marketing orientation and/or a marketing oriented company

The marketing orientation is perhaps the most common orientation used in marketing. It involves a firm essentially basing its marketing plans around the marketing concept and thus supplying products to suit new customer's needs and changing customer trends. Business who recognise this "see the customer as...

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Nissan are a car manufacturing company, and have been manufacturing cars for years

Essentially Nissan don't have a "book of rules" translated from Japanese and imposed upon them-the foundation of the company and it's ways of operation are to promote continual improvement or KAIZEN and hence what they have developed is what we believe to be the best from Japan combined with the 2best From...

Real Research: Indian Case Application of Anova

The numbers of online consumers is rapidly growing in diverse country locations. Users may have a distinct preference for a local website over a foreign website. There are many online marketing companies that have different websites for customers of different countries. The objective of this study is to find...

Attractiveness of the Tire Industry

Porter's five forces is the famous model that we have used to assess the attractiveness of the tire industry. They are explained as below:

Rivalry within industry

* Number of Players: According to Porter, if the number of players in an industry is large, then attractiveness of that industry goes down....

Brand Management And Research

This report aims to critically evaluate the brand image, positioning and effectiveness of brands, using as a mechanism three newspaper brands: The Guardian, The Times and The Sun. Another aspect that will be discussed in this report is the effectiveness of these brands in relation to each other. These brands...

Analyze Mantero Seta Spa(TM)s resources, strengths, weaknesses and competences

Question 3:

Analyze Mantero Seta Spa's resources, strengths, weaknesses and competences.

Briefly evaluate its marketing mix. Recommend how Mantero Seta Spa could build on its strengths and competences to develop its competitive advantage.


Through PESTEL analysis, evaluate the major...

Make well reasoned proposals for your marketing mix clearly linking your proposals to information generated by your analysis

Well reasoned Proposals

Heinz and the health issues

Most doctors and other organizations such as the heart foundation and the British diabetic association, believe the Heinz products have too much salt and other additives which harm the personal health of the customers. It is believed Heinz baked beans...

Information Systems Management

"The need to match IS/IT provision in a business organisation to its business objectives, and how this can be achieved".


A sound business strategy is not just about spelling out your corporate mission: it is also a powerful management tool that lets you define and measure goals for every...

Critical strategic decisions

1. 1 Frank Jessop founded the Jessop Group in 1935, his son Alan joined in 1960 and the Group operated as a family firm until July 1996 in the photographic retail sector, through effective planning which ensured Jessop's survival and future direction. 1. 2 In 1968, a major threat to the business was brought...

Competition Law

This chapter will firstly explain competition law of the European Union, with its objectives on how to provide a sufficient system for all Member States undertakings operating within the EU. In order to be able to explain in detail how competition operates within the markets, theoretical imput is looked at,...

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management is:

"... managing the flow of goods and information along the supply chain, from procurement at source to delivery and service to the end customer. '

Supply chain management is understood to be a distinct business management approach or philosophy. There are many definitions of...

Public Relations (PR)

Public Relations (PR) has become more and more important and established a respectable status in the business world even in the whole society. As organizations seek ways to increase profits, many turn to the field of public relations as a way of achieving their goals. In designing public...

What are the determinants of firm profitability inan industry?

Competition, buyer and supplier power, substitutes, potential entry, cooperation and complementary products/services are the determinants of firm profitability in an industry. They are primary industry forces. The first five may drive profits down by forcing prices down or costs up and prevent less...

Manufacturing industries have two roles in developing a product

Product concept: A new product is created from a range of possible ideas and research that get the developing process started.

Product evaluation and modification: is when manufacturing industries use information received form customers, retailers and market research on a current product, to evaluate the...

13th Studios Fz LLC

Since 13thStudios has a range of services to offer, the industry is large. One the most highly saturated market segments in the UAE, web design, development and hosting is offered by approximately 312 small to medium sized agencies (source: Approximately 70% of these companies offer web design...

What has been the rationale for the large, cross-border mergers, acquisitions and alliances that have taken place in the world motor industry?

The turmoil and uncertainty in the motor industry have left many wondering when a shakeout can be expected. And to prepare for this shakeout, many automakers had toughened themselves up through a series of mergers, acquisitions and alliances (M&As) in recent years. However, as the expected shakeout...

Environmental Analysis of Easyjet and Its Competitive Advantage

Stelios Haji-Ioannou, the founder of easyJet, initially became interested in the idea of a European low-cost airline in May 1994 after being offered a stake in a Virgin Atlantic Airlines franchisee. On refusing the offer, Stelios soon after flew on Southwest Airlines, a successful low-cost carrier in the US....

Information data analysis of Tesco

We have chosen Tesco as the organisation we will study. Tesco is the largest supermarket company in Britain, it holds 27% of its market share, this is almost twice the market share of its nearest rivals. Tesco is a long established firm with a good reputation and customer loyalty, it was founded in 1924 by...

Viagra – Wonder Drug or Ethical Irresponsibility?

1.What are the ethical responsibilities for drug manufacturers? Is any drug completely safe, or is the ethical principle "do not harm" a relative guide?

The biggest responsibility that the drug manufacturers have is to create a (relatively) safe product. Since there are always side effects to almost all...

Marketing Pros and Сons

In every human's life there are needs that have to be met in order to survive. These needs are laid out in Maslow's Hierarchy of needs. His diagram is a pyramid of needs that start off at the bottom, with the needs of basic survival, and it works its way to the top. The top needs are needs that are not...

Philip Morris – A case analysis

Recommended Mission statement

"Create quality products in the area of tobacco, beer and packaged foods. Protect our shareholders interests while being social responsible. Create an environment where our members can be challenged and grow."

About the company

The Phillip Morris family of companies is...

The financial performance of The Body Shop (TBS) was less than stellar last year

The financial performance of The Body Shop (TBS) was less than stellar last year. In 2002 it only made 5.4�m in profit and if they paid dividends they were in the red, but they appear to have gained financially so far in 2003. (The Body Shop 2003:34) This report will explain the key market strengths of...

The Burewala Textile Mills Limited

Introduction and Background: Punjab Government set up Burewala Textile mills limited at Burewala with 51200 spindles. A company under the same name and style "The Burewala Textile Mills Limited " was incorporated in the same year to acquire the mills from the Punjab government. The company started with...

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