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Technology Makes Life Better

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Technology Makes Life Better
This is the first generation to grow up digital, coming of age in a world where computers, the Internet, video games, and cell phones are common, and where expressing themselves through these tools is the norm. According to BBC News, “How the internet is changing language.”( Klenman Zoe). Technology has bought several changes in our lifestyle. Technology does not impact desire of reading but actually enhances it as people read almost everything online especially with the concept of “Go Green”.

Technology helps the American language to expand because with technology reading becomes more interactive. Last but not the least, technology is challenging and improving American’s ability to think critically as it gives them the platform and exposure to so many things which was not possible otherwise.
Nowadays, people are more into reading as they spend most of their time on computer reading blogs, reviews, news and even books with the help of eBooks. Technologies have even impacted the way we communicate with people worldwide.

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Technology Makes Life Better
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Now instead of letters we communicate by writing email, or use of other technologies. At work, for instance, employees sharing the same office will still communicate through email. People in today’s world rather search and read needed information online than asking somebody. According to Munro, “Computers allow us to communicate cheaply and instantly, to open our classes to an ever-growing population of students, to translate lectures into multiple languages, and to save our students’ money.” (312-313). Technology, such as computers and tools, such as Google, has made people very independent. Now with eBooks, the world’s concept of reading is turning around where people prefer to buy an eBook and get access to bigger variety of books rather than grabbing few books from library. Technology has actually enhanced our desire for reading because everything is just a click away and available easily on the computer..

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