Achieving Your Goals Is What Makes Life Happy

People find happiness in the most unexpected places, at the most unexpected times. Happiness is a thing of beauty, everyone finds happiness in different ways. It is like a garden full of flowers, different people find different flowers beautiful, it all depends on personal preference. As Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was said, “Happiness radiates like the fragrance from a flower and draws all good things towards you”(“BrainyQuote”). Many things make me happy, but only a few truly bring me happiness. Accomplishing my goals, having a positive influence on others, and experiencing new things all bring me enjoy.

Accomplishing my goals is something that brings the most happiness. The adrenaline, the rush of blood through my vines, the feeling of triumph. When I accomplish something have my heart set on truly brings me a feeling that can never be duplicated. Knowing that I have truly made it is a glorious feeling. Setting up a goal and working day and night for it and then finally accomplishing it delivers an exhilarating feeling, one that I would describe as true happiness.

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The following lyric from Macklemore’s song “Glorious” is my inspiration for wanting to impact the lives of people positively. “I heard you die twice, once they bury you in the grave. And the second time is the last time that somebody mentions your name”(“Genius”). Being able to connect with people and helping them is a passion of mine. Whether it be influencing a large group of people or one person; I feel a great deal of happiness knowing that I helped a person or persons. I want to impact society, truly bring change and stand up for things I believe in. A small step to doing something as big as becoming a well-known influencer is encouraging and helping others that are longing to be shown the goodness life has to offer. Happiness is something I automatically feel when I convey goodness to people.

Adventure is defined as, “An exciting or remarkable experience”(“Merriam-Webster”). Experiencing new things is something that makes me very happy. The feeling of mystery mixed with the beauty of being spontaneous is truly beautiful. The uncertainty of adventure is charming, when nothing is definite, anything is a possibility. Whether it be travel, trying new foods, learning a new language, or trying something out of my comfort zone, I always feel happy when trying something different because I get experience things that are out of the usual, it adds spice to the regular routine and I find that amazing, it brings me so much joy to do things that are out of the ordinary. The sense of adventure makes me overly happy.

In conclusion happiness is different for everyone. Many things make me happy, but the three things described above bring the most joy. It is funny how life works, doors open and close, people come and go, but no matter what people continue to bloom, people continue to hustle, people continue to fight for what they believe in, people do not doubt their worth, they always stay true to themselves, and when people least expect it, they get what they have been wishing for, whether it be something big or small all humans feel happiness in one or another. As Joseph Addison once said, “Three grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for”(“WisdomQuotes”).

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