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Technology Strengths and Weaknesses

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Technology Strengths and Weaknesses

Technology has been a vast thing that conquered the world in just a matter of seconds. It was very unusual for something like this to occur but sometimes it has become a necessity for both humans and humans itself. But sometimes we need to attain the information that will be needed for the safety of mankind’s future. Technology itself is useful but like humans, it has also some strengths and weaknesses.

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Technology Strengths and Weaknesses
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Technology’s strength lies on the effectiveness of bringing information at the speed of light, accesing some of the machine that needed to be handled manually and be able to had so much entertainment which can be attained from the palm of your hands.

It’[s strength is in the process of giving mankind the freedom to do mental and physical jobs, calculations and the likes. It made everything easy that technology itself is needed, especially by modern countries like the United States, Japan, China, Korea, etc.

But technology itself is a wandering thing, and it had flaws too, just like a human. To understand this, one must know how technology worked. The weakness lies on the program it had, the parts that composes the machine or the software that was installed in the machine in the first place. Hackers also knew about the weakness that the program had and they always took advantage of it. But the problem rose in the rise of viruses and internet bugs that harm the computers itself because of the program’s lack of security codes or very easy configuration of the security itself.

So to say, technology itself is very much like humans, having strengths and weaknesses alike, but everything can be alright, for knowing technology itself can be beneficial in this modern age era, where computers roam like the leaves of a cherry blossom in the park of the Shinto temple.

SDLC “The phases and its importance in the software itself”

Systems Development Life Cycle is commonly used in the process of creating a steady flow of information for the companies that do business. It was also referred as a life cycle due to that it resembles the life cycle of an insect that follows the stages of life. To start, knowing the most important phases are required to achieve the goal and that is, every system can be done through initiating a plan. A plan must be polished enough to assure to have acceptable results in the future, and to do that, one needs to gather and analyze the necessary requirements and information for the building of the design and coding of the SDLC.

However, Testing and Maintenance is very important in the formation of the SDLC in order to see the by product, to assure that it had no flaws and all, since it also had strength and weaknesses also. Its strength lies on control, detailed steps, evaluate cost and completion targets, documentation, well defined input, easy maintenance, development and high design standards and it stops the changes in MIS staffing. However, the weaknesses lie on the limited input capacity, wasted time and assets, being rigid and estimating cost and overrun projects are stressful though.

And to top it off, the difference in focus of information systems analysis from that of information systems design lies on the basis that analysis comes before the design of the SLDC, and that the analysis is more important due to that it holds the significance that it gives the necessary output for the design to be created, thus focusing on the information and requirement it takes from the source. Analysis also feature the probability of securing necessary development that will enhance the flaws of the system thus making designing a breeze on their behalf.

So to say, Analysis and Gathering of Requirements is the most important phase of the system, since initiation can’t be done without the source needed for the system, and the rest cannot be made without knowing the credibility and the sources needed for the system to be created.


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Technology Strengths and Weaknesses. (2017, Jan 31). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/technology-strengths-and-weaknesses/

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