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Teddy Roosevelt Research Paper Theodore Roosdevelt

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Teddy Roosevelt Essay, Research Paper

Theodore Roosdevelt

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Teddy Roosevelt Research Paper Theodore Roosdevelt
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26th President of the United States ( 1901-1909 )

Theodore Roosevelt was an energetic and dynamic leader who gave the state a

square trade. During his presidential term to a place of internatio nal leading.

Roosevelt belonged to an blue New York household. He attended Harvard

Univerity. Theodore Roosevelt fought in the Spanish-American war with the

Rough Riders at the conflict of San Juan Hill. He had served as constabulary

commissiores of New York, helper secretary of the naval forces, governor of New

York, and frailty president of the United States.

When president McKinley was

assassinated on September 14, 1901, Theodore Roosevelt became, at the clip, the

youngest ( 43 old ages ) president in hist ory.

The president saw himself as a adult male of the center who would chew over the

battle between capital and labour. He said that concern must be protected

against itself and he tended to prefer regulative committees that provided

nonpartizan supervisi on by experts of concern patterns.

As president he

succeeded in acquiring extra authorization over the railwaies for the interstate

commercialism committee. He was besides instrumental in the transition of the meat

review act and the pure nutrient and drug act.Ro attitude toward the hapless and

towards the labour motion was that of an enlightened conservative. He

supported many labour demands such as shorter hours for adult females and kids,

employers & # 8217 ; liability Torahs and restrictions on the usage of injunctions against

workers in labour differences.

In reform, Roosevelt wanted gradual alteration. He moved in the way of the

reformists and ended up as the campaigner of the progressive party in the Bull

Moose presidential campaingn in 1912. He had broken with the Repub lican


In 1907 in-migration reached its all-time high 1,285,000 in one Y


Theodore Roosevelt said, & # 8220 ; There can be no divided commitment here. Any adult male who

says he is an American, but something else besides, isn & # 8217 ; t an American at all. We

hold ro om but for on linguistic communication here and that is the English linguistic communication, for we

intend to see that the crucible turns our people out as Americans, of American

nationality ; we have room for but one psyche trueness, and that is trueness to the

American people. & # 8221 ;

Ro cubic decimeter ed the United States into continous armed intercessions in the

Caribbean. In 1906 an rebellion in Cuba caused the United States to

intervene in its personal businesss. The American authorities withdrew its power when ordr

was restored.

In the Philippines c ivil authorities was put into operation, and a

communications overseas telegram was laid across the Pacific.

Roosevelt intervened in the war betwwen Russia and Japan. He invited the

Russian and Nipponese authoritiess to direct peace commissioners to America where a

peace pact was sighned in 1905. The undermentioned twelvemonth the president was awarded

the nobel peace award.

Peoples had wanted a canal connectiong the Atlantic and Pacific for 100s

of old ages. A Gallic company, which went insolvent, had started the pro ject.

The company sold the Panamanian rights to construct the canal to the United States

authorities. Colombia, whose district included Panama, didn & # 8217 ; t agree to the

footings offered by the Uninted States. Ro did non believe much of he of Latin

Americans to get down with. He called he colombians & # 8220 ; foolish and murderous

corruptionits. & # 8221 ; The Roosevelt disposal supported a rebellion by the

Panamanians against Colombia. The new state of Panama signed a canal pact

favourable to the United States in 1903. The Pana ma canal was completed August

15, 1914.

President Theodore Roosevelt died at Sagamore hill, his place at oyster bay,

New York, on January 6, 1919.

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