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Adolescents today are often seen as being solely interested in amusement, but this is not entirely true. While young people do enjoy activities that bring pleasure and relaxation, they also have aspirations for their future, such as securing a good job after leaving school. There is fierce competition among peers in academic and extra-curricular activities, and sometimes these pursuits are merely a means to an end, such as gaining entry into a good university. Additionally, adolescents are preoccupied with finding a life partner, which is seen as a way to ensure a stable and happy future. While hormones may play a role in this preoccupation, it is clear that young people are concerned about more than just having fun.

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Adolescents today are merely interested in amusement. ”Do you agree? Support your reply. It is undeniable that adolescents are interested in amusement. Like people of all ages. adolescents enjoy activities that bring us pleasance or assist us loosen up. like watching telecasting. seeing films. listening to music. and playing athletics or computing machine games. However. it is non true that our ideas are merely centered on pleasance and relaxation. Young people have aspirations about their hereafter. Most of us realize that we will hold to fend for ourselves grownups. Therefore. we are concerned about what occupations we will be able to procure after go forthing school. For this ground. we are non merely interested but really concerned about our surveies. There is acute competition among my schoolmate. for illustration. in school trials and scrutinies. It is merely when a immature individual believes that he has no hope of accomplishing any academic success. when he has been convinced that he is a “no-hoper” . that he loses involvement in his surveies.

Adolescents are besides interested in extra-curricular activities. like athleticss or school nines. Sometimes. this is a echt involvement in the athletics or avocation ; “Art for Art’s sake’ . as it were. However. sometimes. our attempts in school societies or athleticss may be merely a agency to an terminal. We know that accomplishments in these countries will assist us derive entryway into good universities. This is truly rather sad. the extra-curricular activities. which are supposed to convey pleasance or relaxation. should do more force per unit area. Another issue that preoccupies both male childs and misss is their future life spouse. Actually. seeking a mate is besides portion of fixing for stable hereafter. Teenagers. particularly misss. may worry about being left on the shelf. Therefore. it could be argued that when adolescent misss pore over love affair novels or manner magazines. this involvement may non be strictly for amusement. It may be a agency to procure a stable and happy hereafter. Furthermore. during the adolescent old ages. our hormones…

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