Teens Portrayed negatively in the Media

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They should never be judged from their o outside, for all we know a bright, plastic, happy face may house shadowy chapters of resent meet, victimizing ND self harming. Frayed edges, tattered and dog eared. These are the quality sees mentally and physically scarred teens share with an overused library book. Naturally, if a teen has done something wrong, adults will pin the blame fully on the teenager which is understandable as they will feel let down and embarrassed about the IR sons and daughters.

However, adults share some of the blame as science has shown the at if you want someone to change then you must nurture and care for them, encouraging the me to do the right thing. Statistically, nine out of ten teenagers are portrayed negatively, on the internet , and in newspapers such as the Sun, the Guardian, and the Daily Mail. For example; sources taken from local newspapers have shown that thirty four percent of b sys and thirty eight percent of girls have had sex before the age of sixteen.

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These statistics a re not even true, in fact, it is about 15% for both boys and girls. As a child, Harry Enfield played a child called Kevin. He was happy and lively. H forever, when his thirteenth birthday came to pass he started convulsing; he started to lose the use of his arms, he became slouched. He became short tempered and violent. This port loyal is stereotypical as very few teens actually behave in this way. Media hotshots such as newspapers like the Sun will say “they have brought it upon themselves” or “if they don’t like it, then they have to fix it themselves”.

They a re not free of blame. Studies have shown that people and teens especially are less likely to r spend if they are being neglected, and shunned. Newspapers are cold hearted, greedy and cruel. They only thing they are con earned about is money. If that means badmouthing or threatening people then they’ll do it, the eye have even been known to blackmail businesses unless they conform to their requirement s. All this for a “good story”. This is outrageous. Greediness was a disease in the beginning.

Now it has become a pandemic. If we stopped being greedy, just for a week, the impact on teenagers’ way of fife would be huge. They would finally have the resolve to snap out of their solidifying nose nose, they would no longer feel the need to smoke, or cut themselves. It is weird to think that such small everyday actions could result in such large national changes. Finally then, the media would be forced to pay more attention to the good face TTS and less to the bad. Thank you.

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