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John Hammond as portrayed in the film and the book Sample

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Many times in literature. a character may remind the reader of a character of another work of literature or person celebrated. When this piece of literature is translated to a movie. the character’s representation may alter wholly. A fantastic illustration of this representation is Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park. In this work. the character John Hammond portrays a greedy. chesty. and grandiloquent old adult male with a dream to construct a park full of cloned dinosaurs utilizing DNA found in preserved mosquitoes.

Hammond’s character alterations badly from the novel to the movie and has a major impact on the overall narrative. In the movie. Hammond is portrayed as a reasonably old adult male with lone two wants: to make something that has ne’er been done and please kids. John Hammond’s alteration from a insatiate old adult male to a reasonably. grandfatherly entertainer is a major transmutation and has a immense consequence on the subject.

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John Hammond as portrayed in the film and the book Sample
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In the novel. Crichton portrays his character. Hammond. as a cat with a dream at first. With the development of the narrative besides comes the development of Hammond’s character. The reader begins to see Hammond’s evil side. Hammond becomes a avaricious adult male who wishes to play Gods through bio-technology and cloning. Hammond supports this statement when he stated. “Face the darn facts. Henry … This isn’t America. This isn’t even Costa Rica. This is my island. I own it. And nil is traveling to halt me from opening Jurassic Park to all the kids of the universe … Or. at least. to the rich 1s. ”

Hammond desires to hold control over the dinosaurs no affair what the cost ends up being. The selfishness of Hammond’s character besides led to stubbornness. This obstinacy would non let Hammond to anticipate the effects of his island. but instead merely allows him to visualize future net incomes that he would wish to believe will come to the island.

Hammond’s character in the novel can be related to Marry Shelley’s Dr. Frankenstein. In many facets of the fresh Hammond portrays a huffy scientist on a famished pursuit for power. This pursuit is finally to play God. Dr. Frankenstein and John Hammond each have an obvious desire to make a life and have it belong to him. Both creative activities turned out to be excessively much for the Godhead to manage and in both instances the Godhead dies before the creative activity and nil is certain what becomes of each of the animals. Hammond’s ain sloppiness. selfishness. and greediness lead to his concluding devastation of being eaten by a group of Procompsognathus’ .

In the film. Steven Spielberg decides to portray John Hammond as a sort thoughtful old gramps. who loves his grandchildren. This loving old adult male has merely a dream in the movie. This contrasts aggressively with the novel in which Hammond’s dream becomes an intense compulsion. The movie portrays Jurassic Park as an guiltless error made by a incapacitated old adult male. alternatively of an atrociousness committed by a scoundrel on a pursuit for reverent power.

In contrast with the novel. the movie portrays Hammond as a character who is much like P. T. Barnum. Like P. T. Barnum Hammond is an entertainer and wants strictly to entertain people. peculiarly kids. This is besides a definite contrast to the pursuit to play God that occurs in the novel. This P. T. Barnum type of character is so good liked by the audience and changes the whole result of the narrative. Because Hammond is portrayed as an old adult male who made a couple errors. it would non be justified in the movie if Hammond were to decease. and so he doesn’t.

The impact that this passage has on the subject is unbelievable. Jurassic Park was written in 1990. amid the febrility of the information age when apparently the whole universe was all of a sudden interested in computerising. This occurred merely ten old ages before the predicted turn-of-the-millennium “Y2K” computing machine bug that had computing machine technicians and information engineering professionals across the Earth poising for catastrophe. One of the subjects that is explored in the narrative is the inquiry of what would go on if all of the world’s computing machines were to close down. Another subject was that adult male can non irresponsibly drama God and non endure effects. Furthermore. life will happen a manner. Because Hammond’s full personality alterations. he no longer seems like an evil scientist blinded by a huffy pursuit. Because of this. the film is transformed into an escapade narrative and loses most of the subject presented in the novel.

The concluding analysis of both of these plants shows a great displacement in a character from an haunted scoundrel to a reasonably adult male who makes a error that he could non anticipate due to childish ignorance and non selfish sightlessness. The audience watching the film takes the infantile ignorance as a error that anyone could hold made and excuses it. Hammond is therefore more widely liked in the film. while he is hated by the terminal of the novel. This neutering of Hammond’s character changes a subject that presents challenges against the modern computing machine and bio-tech age. into a subject that is every bit simple as an escapade narrative.

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