Terrorism Essay

I know the assignment was to deal with a certain aspect of terrorism, but I can’t seem to keep my opinions based on one kind without comparing it to other acts of terrorism - Terrorism Essay introduction. Terrorism is defined in Webster’s New World Dictionary as, “to use force or threats to intimidate, etc., especially as a political policy.” Intimidate is similarly defined as, “to make afraid, as with threats.” Threats is a common word used in both definitions and when people are threatened, they feel terror therefore they are terrorized. Terrorism doesn’t always come with the stereotypical Russians or Middle Eastern rebels that want to attack the US. Terror can come from all ages, races, political beliefs, and countries. An example of each can be: ages-school shootings, races- KKK, political beliefs-Oklahoma City Federal Building bombing or (anti) abortionist supporters, and countries-Iraq. Terrorism can come in all shapes and sizes of bombs, people, and verbal threats. I will try to touch on each of these subjects throughout the paper.

A survey of politically motivated crimes since April 1995 reveals a dramatic increase in terroristic activities. At least thirty-nine cases have been documented. Many have not been as sever as the federal building bombing, but they have been in the forms of pipe bombs, police stand-offs, bank robberies, attacks on abortion providers and many others. (Terror from Within-MSNBC) However, some terrorist attacks are not preformed by Americans. An example of one of two documented cases of outside terrorism attacks on the United States is the World Trade Center bombing in February 1993. (The Centre for National Security Studies, April 26, 1995) The US is now a big target for outside terrorism and we always will be as long as we are a powerful nation with a large amount of pull. People in other countries see what America has to offer and want us to be eliminated to make their country the most powerful. The people that do plan and act out on these terrorist acts usually have a psychiatric problem.

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We watch the movies that glorify the hero going into a foreign land and fighting the bad guy. James Bond is a perfect example of glorifying terrorists’ lives. He travels all over the world to stop the villains from blowing up England. He makes it all look fun and exciting while doing his job. Austin Powers is another example of terrorists. Austin Powers is a totally different view of the subject, but the idea is still fun. We sometimes glorify terrorists’ lives in movies by making them rich and highly respected by their “employees” and contacts with other powerful people. We, the audience, see these movies and fantasize about being the hero or villain. Cops and Robbers is a perfect example of good against evil, but foreign terrorists have an aura or certain mystique quality. We want to have the power and wealth they do and we also want to have the cunning actions of the hero. International terrorism, to me, is very mysterious and full of wonder. It is very frightening but it makes me wonder of the life behind the ringleader of the terrorist groups and his entourage. The part I don’t understand is how important national security is to the US. I take the military and government for granted and thank them very much for doing their job.

School shooting are another form of terrorism. We send our kids to school thinking that they are in a safe environment. We send them there to learn and grow up to be responsible adults. We try to teach our kids to the best of our abilities, but sometimes there are some that fall through the cracks and become the bad apple. Just like the old adage, “one bad apple spoils the whole bunch,” it can become so very true and real. Columbine High School recently commemorated the first year after the shooting. I remember watching CNN Headline New and MSNBC while the students were being rushed out of the school. A few other shooting occurred recently and I was worried about if any students were hurt I the events unfolding before my eyes. In the beginning, I assumed nothing happened but soon found out otherwise. I think why this story touched me a little bit more is because I watched all the events unfold that day and the media hype to follow. We grieve for the victims and some even learn to forgive Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. The shooters’ parents also feel remorse for what their terrorist sons did to the school, the community, the state, and the country. The parents of the terrorists seem to be caring and are struggling with the loss of a child like the victims’ parents. We have not heard much about these families and with good reason. The parents didn’t see it coming and most likely would have stopped it if they knew. (Rocky Mountain News.com, Lynn Bartels, April 15, 2000)

Attacks on schools aren’t happening just recently. A bombing on a school in Bath, Michigan happened in 1927 and forty plus students and teachers were killed. Most of the students in the wing were of kindergarten age. A demented farmer and electrician with access to dynamite decided to blow up the west wing of Bath Consolidated grade school. His motives were not clear. A. E. Kehoe killed his wife, the treasurer of the school district, outside their home before going to the school. Kehoe apparently had been planning this scheme for months and could have leveled the whole school if all the dynamite fuses were timed together. Kehoe was seen running to his car parked on the curb moments before the blast. He also ended up dying along with the school’s principal, the village postmaster, and an unidentified man in an explosion that wrecked Kehoe’s automobile. After the explosion had hurled helpless, young victims through the air, another explosion rocked the school and sent the walls and ceiling into the air and on top of the already injured children. The dust most likely muffled the sparks of the dynamite for the west wing, and as a result, the spark never reached the dynamite to cause it to explode. The west wing was saved due to rubble and faulty technology. If his plan had been carried out correctly, he would have killed two hundred sixty students. Police found a note on his barn door that stated, “Criminals are made, not born.” (Boulder News.com, collection of stories compiled on April 25, 1999)

School attacks are not new. As long as we have those crazies out there, terrorism in the schools will be there. We don’t know where or when it will happen, but it will. Just a few months ago in Champaign, a guy that was irritated with his parents chased his mother into a school. Thankfully no one in the school was hurt and his motives were not to kill any children. That example is precisely my point. We don’t know who will be the next target and whose school it will be. Judging by what I hear from experts, they say it is hard to tell which students are the ones most susceptible to being influenced by others or lashing out on people at any time. Certain characteristics of the probable school terrorists go along with people that are just loners or shy. We can’t pick out certain students that are going to attack the school and lock him/her up before anything happens. Banning guns is not the answer to solving school violence. Large inner city schools have metal detectors at the doors but sometimes that doesn’t stop all the potentially harmful objects from entering the school. It is a step in the right direction but not all schools need them so desperately or can’t afford them. For now, we need to try to deal with it as it comes and maybe educate the teachers on what to do in different types of terrorist attacks.

Attacks on abortion clinics are terroristic too. I am not going to get in hard on my beliefs because that is not the topic and it could be a whole other paper in its self. I want to say that I am firmly against the idea of abortion and my views may be a little distorted, but I will try to be as indifferent as possible. The attacks on the abortion clinics cause the doctors, nurses, other employees, and patients to fear for their life. While searching for information on abortion violence, I came upon the Washington Post. The newspaper has archives of violence occurring to people involved someway with the clinics dating all the way back to 1993. Yes, the attacks on people performing abortions have been going on for as long as abortion has been a controversial issue. The point of the archives dating that far back is to prove that it is an everyday occurrence and the employees fear for their safety everyday. I remember reading somewhere that Christians are the ones fighting for a ban against abortion and they are the ones attacking the clinics. Now to me, that doesn’t sound like a very Christian thing to do. Do we not live by a rule, “Do unto others as they would unto you?”

Coincidently enough, a fatal bombing occurred in Birmingham, Alabama just one week after the 25th anniversary of the Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court case decision. This bombing was the first fatal bombing to occur since violence in clinics started being recorded about 17 years ago. An off-duty policeman also working as a security guard was killed and a nurse on her way to work was seriously injured. The blast occurred at 7:33 a.m., about a half hour after the clinic was scheduled to open, and was so powerful that the blast shattered glass a block away. No one was asset responsibility to the bombing at the time of the report but Alabama is one of the states that seek to ban on certain late-term abortions. The clinics bombed, New Woman All Woman Health Care center, was a clinic that tried to stop the government from banning those certain abortions. The explosion occurred right outside the front entrance of the clinic that adjoins the University of Alabama and its medical center. Three dormitories and a day care center had to be evacuated for fear of a second bomb. Windows and an awning were destroyed as a result of the blast. The bomb in front of the entrance formed a crater and debris littered the streets. James Cavanaugh of the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms said, “It was not designed to damage property, it was designed to kill or injure.” (Washington Post.com, David P. Baker, January 30, 1998)

Since I hit on terrorists that scare the nation, the school children, and a hopefully small amount of women, now I can tell about an ethnic group. The Ku Klux Klan has been around for a long time and is still in existence today. Many people swear by their practices and follow them to a T. The KKK was feared more in the early 1900’s than today because rights of the people mean all of the people and not a select group. The group was also feared in the four years after it spread throughout the country in its beginnings in 1865. Many myths have surrounded the group’s origin but it was ultimately the result of six Confederate veterans being bored in a small town wanting to form a social club. The groups met in Pulaski, Tennessee, near the Alabama border. To heighten the excitement, the meetings would be secret and the officers would have titles instead of their actual names. The group was well educated and chose a mane with Greek meaning. Klux stands for “kuklos” meaning circle. Klan was an alteration of “clam.” To show off, the group wore sheets and rode through town causing curiosity of the group. After a while, they added masks and pointed hats. Word of the group spread and it ended up with initiations similar to ones of a fraternity. In the beginning, the group visited blacks’ homes and threatening them with more visits just to spook them. Eventually the visits turned into violence and the group became something it had not intended. The idea of the Klan eventually spread throughout the nation and has become what we know today. (“A Hundred Years of Terror” Southern Poverty Law Center March 5, 1997)

The group’s influence died out a bit until World War I was starting. The influx of immigrants started the rage. The group terrorized not only blacks but also people of a different religion. The group was pro-America so that meant to them as anti-black, anti-Jew, and importantly, anti-Catholic. The group was also against Asians, immigrants, bootleggers, dope, gaft, nightclubs and roadhouses, violation of the Sabbath, sex, pre and extra-marital affairs. (“A Hundred Years of Terror” Southern Poverty Law Center March 5, 1997) Basically anyone that was not acting the way the Klan wanted; they were to be punished by the Klan. The Klan terrorized anyone that wasn’t like them. It didn’t matter if you were black or white, they would let you know how they felt about your actions. They would be more lenient towards the whites, but there was no guarantee. The Klan terrorized the nation no matter where you were.

Terrorism is not just an international man of mystery traveling to foreign lands to fight off the bad guys and get the girl. It is also not just about Americans bombing a federal building because they think the government is wrong or an abortion clinic because they don’t approve of the views carried out. Terrorism is not solely about people frightening an ethnic group or cultural group. Terrorism is the use of threats to cause fear. America is threatened everyday by outside countries and I am very grateful for those who fight to keep those threats from affecting the rest of the nation and us. I am also thankful to those like the police who fight the smaller scale terrorism threats everyday. Thank you.

Baker, Donald P. ” Blast at Alabama Abortion Clinic Kills Policeman, Injures Nurse” Washington Post.com 30 January, 1998 http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/national/longterm/abortviolence/stories/atlanta2.htm

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Terrorism Essay

Terrorism is becoming more and more of a threat to Americans both at home and abroad - Terrorism Essay introduction. International terrorism happens when terrorism occurs out of our country. An example of an International terrorist is Osama bin Laden. Laden is the worlds most dangerous terrorist. Laden shows genocidal tendency by killing Americans through-out the world from the bombings of the World Trade Center to the embassy bombings in Africa. The African blasts killed more than 250 people.

The FBI has been tracking him for more that four years and they still couldn’t stop him from striking Americans overseas nd can’t stop him now with the current foreign policy that has been adopted. He feels that all Christians and Jews worldwide need to be exterminated because of the evil that they represent. He thinks that the Jihad is necessary to combat the Christians and Jews who are considered the heretics of the world; therefore, it is justified to use terrorism to exterminate them because of their degraded moral standards and also to raise the Muslim world over the Christian world.

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To accomplish his goals of killing all Christians and Jews, he founded the International Front for Jihad against the Jews and the Crusaders. This organization, published a “fatwa” (religious ruling) proclaiming the “Jihad against the heretics who conquer Muslim lands,” which bin Laden considers a duty of all Muslims (Schweiter 1). Bin Laden was trained and equipped by the CIA during the Afghan War of 1979-89, so he is very capable of carrying out his goals.

He also has the money to continue funding these operations that have proven to be deadly to Americans throughout the world. The special station that was created over two years ago by the government’s counter terrorist centers has not been successful in disrupting bin Laden’s operations. Even though the FBI and the CIA have increase funding.

Especially in the FBI’s funds from $118 million to $286 million today and has its number of employees devoted to this area doubled over the same period of time, the Washington Post says that the CIA, despite this increase in funding resulting in more attention being paid to bin Laden that it “was not able to foresee the bombings of two US embassies,” four months ago “in East Africa, allegedly by bin Laden operatives ” (Loeb 2,1). The cruise-missile strikes that were launched against bin Laden will prove ineffective in topping his terrorist operation.

Though the American counter strikes may have admonished bin Laden, his vast financial resources and network will remain intact (Loeb 4). The thing that bin Laden still has is his vast wealth regardless of what damage was inflicted on his operation by the cruise-missile strikes. Bin Laden s resources are hidden in several countries in what many call front companies, and this is going to make it difficult to track down bin Laden’s assets some government officials worry (”Costly” 6)(kelley 2).

Cannistraro said, “while we’ve aggressively argeted his financial flows of money, which is the lifeblood of the organization a lot of it is still out of reach. We’re not going to be able to put him out of business” (Kelley 2). After such strikes against bin Laden, it is important to understand what consequences have occurred and could occur because of the American strikes. The first factor of a terrorist attack is the terrorist’s motivation to carry out their attacks, and the second being their capability to carry out their attacks.

The director of The International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism, Boaz Ganor, asserts that often such retaliation against a terrorist group will “by its very nature,” increase the terrorist’s motivation “to take revenge for the damage to their capabilities and to their ‘image. ’” However, “such strikes won’t increase their ability to carry out more attacks; and at best, will greatly damage their capabilities to do so. ” But bin Laden’s organization and bin Laden himself, along with his followers from around the world seem to still be able to mass extensive terrorist attacks.

Ganor insists, “now their motivation to carry out such attacks will be greater han ever, as they will feel they must avenge themselves and restore their image,” so if the American strikes accomplished anything it put even more people at harm’s way (Ganor 1). An immediate consequence from the strikes was the release of two bombing suspects by Pakistani officials who were prepared to turn the suspects over to the United States before the strikes took place. Newsweek asserts that the attacks on bin Laden may “have cost investigators a major breakthrough in tying the African attacks to bin Laden.

The reason that Pakistan decided to release the suspects instead of turning them over to the United States was because several Pakistani intelligence officers were among those killed in the cruise-missile attack (”Costly” 6). That just shows how one person can have a impact on a society or country. There are other kinds of terrorist acts. Urban Terrorism its when terrorism occurs in a city. Another kind of terrorism is Local terrorism and thats when terrorism strikes near were one lives. For instance , the Oklahoma City bombing would be an example of Urban Terrorism.

There are many different causes for these acts of terrorism. One of these causes is when a group of people disagree with each other. They make it clear that they do not like each other by aking it to drastic measures. For example, sending a mail bomb, or by making a car bomb. Another reason for terrorism is when there is a political group or a anti group. They terrorize because they do not think the government knows that they are there or because they do not think the government is talking them seriously. This is one of the main reasons that terrorism occurs.

Another cause of terrorism happens with governments. If one country attacks another country they both go for the main leaders. This can lead to snipers, car bombs, and air strikes. There are many people or groups you can blame these acts on. The government should take responsibility for this. The reason for this is because they should protect everyone in our country to the same degree. They can also prevent terrorism in many ways. The government can keep terrorism out of their country by doing many things.

First of all they should know who the threat is (groups, other governments, anti groups). If they know the threat they can keep them under surveillance to see if they are doing anything suspicious. They can also prevent it by reasoning with the terrorist group. Also, it can be prevented if they give every terrorist group the same attention as all the major ones. If they do that none of the acts of terrorism will be to get attention. There are two other ways they can prevent terrorism.

One way is to not do anything that might cause another person or group to terrorize another. The last way is to make all information about making bombs and other terrorism things harder to find. For example, I am in ninth grade and I can get information on making napalm. (Below) How to make Napalm by the Jolly Roger — Pour some gas into an old bowl, or some kind of container. — Get some Styrofoam and put it in the gas, until the gas won’t eat anymore. You should have a sticky syrup. Put it on the end of something (don’t touch it!! ). The unused stuff lasts a long time!

Exodus- You may not know that napalm is very powerful and destructive. Now if that doesn t scare or concern you, nothing will. Americans everywhere are being butchered. Every time an American is slaughtered by a terrorist, another piece of America dies with them. This must not be allowed to continue to happen; therefore, we must stop further attacks on Americans. To do this, Daniel Johnson insists that we must not merely strike back at these terrorist organizations that dare slaughter Americans, but we must destroy them (Johnson 21).

Terrorism Essay

When and where will the next attack take place? - Terrorism Essay introduction?? All Oft hose questions are valid and important questions, yet people miss out on the big q question of What can be done to reduce the spread of Terrorism in the United States? The e answer is simple, Find a way to tighten security, while still maintaining an individual’s civil liberties. One of the biggest controversial topics today is the argument of whether rip rot personnel should be able to search through a person’s belongings without pr bobble cause.

Many airports around the United States have implemented the new la w since the 9/1 1 attacks. But is what the government doing wrong? The 4th Amendment g ants a citizen the right to be free from searches without probable cause. On the the r hand, The Patriot Act circumvents traditional warrant requirements and gives officio Is and easier way of obtaining a HAS warrant. A AS warrant grants authorities the r eight to rummage through belongings as long as they were able to say Foreign Intel c loud be obtained.

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With the Patriot Act in effect, many people have become frustrated because they believe that their privacy is being revoked with this law. On the contrary, with these new “Privacy Revoking” laws, over 80,000 illegal immigrants have been arrest and over 75 of them were found guilty being involved in some way with terrorism plans against the United States. So the numbers really do show, The Patriot Act may sound like a bad plan, however in the end, the country is safer than it would be with out the Patriot Act.

Before 9/1 1 occurred, Terrorism was an all time low in the United States. In FAA CT, the only major Terrorist event that occurred in the span from 2001 to 2011 w as 9/11. Shortly after 9/1 1, a poll was taken that showed that there were 982 terrorists attacks in 2002 with a death toll of 3,823. Another poll was taken in 2011 that showed the ere were 4,564 attacks with 7,743 deaths. Although 201 1 seemed like a very “active” yea r for terrorist attacks in the United States, these numbers show a 25% drop in attach KS and deaths from 2007.

Showing that the actions the United States Government AR e taking to step up security around the nations has come out as a benefit to the country. The actions the Government are taking may give off the impression that just AIBO t every American hates them, A study showed that 52% of Americans were satisfied a ND felt fee with the new Immigration Laws and other Security procedure implement De after 9/11.

Terrorism Essay

Midterm Examination

Terrorism is one of the most hideous and mischievous crime ever to be made by the human kind - Terrorism Essay introduction. It causes not only personal distress but also threatens the societal harmony that people have.  For law enforcers, terrorism is an act of tactic and strategy mainly caused to benefit the greater good or influenced by the holy duty.  Terrorism is considered to be an over-justification of the reaction towards oppression and abomination (Harris, 2000). It is believed that people are only rationalizing the evil thing that they do because they believe that they are only reacting for the evil things done to them hence it does not follow the argument that being vengeful and being terroristic are completely different entities.

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For law enforcers, terrorism is calculated and organized manifestation of unlawful violence to impose threat, anxiety, fear and pain to coerce or force institutions of the society such as government, the church and the economy. A terroristic attack is said to be either politically-motivated or based on religiosity (Harris, 2000). For scholars, terrorism is any organized act of a certain group that entailed massive killings, destruction of ones property, economic devastation and people displacement (Burgess, 2003).  Terrorism is considered to be subjected thus is has many implied meanings and perspectives. Basically, terrorism would not go along without violence or a negative action that may inflict pain or fear to its victim. The usual victims of a terrorist attack are innocent people.

Terrorists justify their action based on their belief on what is right and wrong. There is always reliance with the ideology that has been inculcated to their minds. For example, terrorists claim to be in retaliation against the government for the sole basis of the government’s incompetency among other nation hence it would not change the fact that the government needs improvement. They believe that being hostile to the government would stimulate change. Due to this, psychological effects would be imposed to the members of the society. They will be covered with fear and anxiety which we do not want. Terrorists also tend to be coercive since they belong to no just ideology, they can do whatever they want on any method they wish. Terrorists also rationalize their actions based on their religiosity. In some cases, they said that it was their calling through which they would achieve salvation.  Lastly, when innocent people get caught in the cross-fire, they would rationalize and tell that the lives they took are a part of a bigger cause. Terrorists are covert operators. They are organized to evade the law enforcer’s detection hence it can be possible to track them down with the help of the civilians also by coordinating with the law and have much information about them. Awareness for terrorists can also help limit attacks and their existence otherwise. They would feel to be hunted down and lose their sense of belongingness.

The paradigms tell of the elimination of cultural relativism meaning the loss of cultural differences would result to less conflict with the society. Ideals of this perspective attributed it to terrorism because of the societal conflict eminent. Hence, there is no guarantee that there would a harmonious society without the existence of cultural differences. For the American policy, it would be of great use since America is interconnected with most countries around the world. And through this, it can be a way to weather down terrorism.

Basically, anarchism tells of destruction of ones property and order of society based the things not acquired by the adherents of this. Examples of these necessities are power, privilege and property. While socialism talks of equality among the members of society by having communal ownership to the privileges given by the society. The socialist idea was spearheaded by Karl Marx on his work named the Communist Manifesto. Both ideologies contributed to the strengthening of terroristic ideal, by pointing out that there is conflict within the authoritative sphere and there will always be conflict as long as there is hierarchy and stratification within the society. Anarchism and Socialism are just mere attempts to cure the pathologies of the society hence it would have created an unanticipated consequence which have lead to a new ideology.


Harris, S. (2000). The End of Faith: Religion, Terror, and the Future of Reason.  International Terrorism and Security References.

Burgess, M. (2003). Terrorism: Problems of Definition. Central for Defense Information. Retrieved on December 14, 2007 from: http://www.cdi.org/program/issue/document.cfm?DocumentID=1564&IssueID=138&StartRow=1&ListRows=10&appendURL=&Orderby=DateLastUpdated&ProgramID=39&issueID=138

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