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Beowulf vs. James Bond

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    The epic tale of Beowulf has survived for many generations and undergone numerous translations, just as the movie series “James Bond” has been around since 1962 and has captured the hearts of those who view the films.

    Like the character Beowulf, James Bond projects “good” as agent 007, travels to hundreds of places, and his missions almost always affect the outcome of a nation. Roving to far and distant places, James Bond and Beowulf have the element of travel in common, for they voyage long distances to accomplish their tasks. Beowulf travels a long distance to help a nation win their war, “To anyone in Denmark.All of Beowulf’s; Band had jumped from their beds, Ancestral; Swords raised and ready” (Beowulf, lines 316-318).

    Beowulf wants to show all of Denmark the good in his heart and loyalty to the race of men. Because their fate rests in Beowulf’s hands, the people of Denmark trust his decisions. Likewise, James Bond, an agent working for the British secret service, has traveled to almost every nation and on a constant basis saves the world from destruction, “When a Soviet Lektor decoding machine is stolen, both the British and the evil organization known as S. P.

    E. C. T. R.

    E. re both out to retrieve it and it’s up to James Bond to get it first” (Alan, Resident James Bond Scholar; allwatchers. com).James Bond is a hero that is not well noticed by common men, and like Beowulf he is not forgotten by those few who meet him.

    Furthermore, both these men travel far from home to accomplish what they first set out to do, “Beowulf dead on the sand, their bold; Ring-giver resting in his lat bed; He’d reached the end of his days, their mighty; War-king, the great lord of the Geats,” (Beowulf, lines 866-869). Even when he is dying, Beowulf still helps Wiglaf fight and wins the battle because he wants to help his people.Bond constantly travels to new countries and completes his missions but is forever loyal to Britain. Traveling across great distances is a vital part of both of these men’s lives and it is necessary in order for them to complete their journey.

    The entire plot of the “James Bond” series is about how a British Intelligence operative rescues other countries from utter defeat, and in some instances his own country, likewise, Beowulf helps his nation [Geats] win their battles. In the movie The World is Not Enough James Bond must retrieve a Global Positioning Satellite device which may be the cause of a war between the United States and China.Because American is an allied force with Britain, James Bond does all he can to bail out the United States from this disaster. The United Sates should be eternally grateful but because James Bond is only doing his job, they are less like to praise Britain for all their hard retrieval work.

    In addition, Beowulf’s is a Geat and he helps his people by defeating the dragon guarding the treasure, and saving his fellow men, “‘I’ve never known fear, as a youth I fought; In endless battles. I am old, now, But I will fight again, seek fame still, If the dragon hiding in his tower dares; To face me'” (lines 607-611).Because James Bond is constantly being replaced by new actors, he will never die, but goes through many death defying events all for the love of his country. Beowulf remains faithful to the Geats even when they leave him to die because he is an epic hero.

    Both Beowulf and James Bond are authoritative figures, and use this power to help other nations in their plight. The universal theme of “good vs. evil” has been portrayed even before Beowulf was written and has carried on a story line for countless movies, playwrights, and books.For example, in the story of Beowulf Grendel portrayer evil among men and comes from a supernatural background, “He was spawned in that slime, Conceived by a pair of those monsters born; Of Cain, murderous creatures banished” (Beowulf, lines19-23).

    Beowulf is introduced to the story with the sole purpose of getting rid of evil in a society where the only person who can defeat Grendel has good intentions. The evil from which Grendel was born is inconceivable by man, but it makes the battle supernatural in appearance and presents a classic battle between good and evil.Furthermore, James Bond always triumphs in his missions because good always wins, “Alec Trevelyan: ‘Well done, good job, but sorry, old boy, everything you risked your life and limb for has changed. ‘ James Bond: ‘It was the job we were chosen for.

    ‘Alec Trevelyan: ‘Of course you’d say that, James Bond, her majesty’s loyal terrier, defender of the so-called faith'” (Goldeneye). When facing Alec Trevelyan from Goldeneye, James Bond is put up against a friend although he has turned on England and works for evil.All of this is done out of blind revenge, and it is the sort of thing that James Bond has to fight. Although both Beowulf and James Bond fought against evil, they battled in a different style and manner, “Lord and leader, angry, lowered; His sword and roared out a battle cry, A call so loud and clear that it reached through” (Beowulf, lines 645-647).

    Beowulf was more an epic war hero who led many timid men into a raging battle. James Bond always plays things alone but his accomplishments are just as significant.These two heroes play a different game but end up with the same result of good always wins even when the hero falls. Throughout time, people have read the tales of epic heroes and loved to hear their story.

    James Bond is a perfect example of how people can fall in love with a character who will live on forever and whose story is priceless. Beowulf is similar because it has a certain level of value that is personal to the reader. The adventures that these two characters go on are very interesting and appealing to more generations to come.

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