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What unexpected common bond do gatsby and nick share

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  • Pages 4
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    The Great Gatsby Do you ever sometimes wish you have everything in life? In fact, each and everyone in the world wish or want something. Like love, hope, wealth and etc. These topics are seen in the book called “The Great Gatsby. ” In America, as a whole, they have this “American Dream” where they all want to be independent and being optimistic about their future, pretty much everything great in life. But not everyone in America achieves these dreams because of the distraction around, sometimes people get caught up with love, many people would want love more than having hope.

    Many people also, seek for eve who doesn’t know how it feels like. This novel shows the idea that being rich can help people bring happiness into their lives and can help them become independent, which is a major part of the American dream; However, people use each other to fulfill their personal dreams, which holds them back from experiencing real love. In the book Great Gatsby, it shows many details on how money helps the characters achieve those American dreams, not only having money, but being optimistic helped those characters also.

    The American Dream is all about moving from poverty to wealth, drowning Peloponnesus to having hope, being trapped to becoming free, and many more upward movements. In chapter one Of the Great Gatsby it shows few examples of being optimistic and in peg. 2 it says, “There was something truly wonderful about him [Gatsby], a heightened sensitivity to the promises of life?he was like one of those complicated machines that show the presence Of an earth cake ten thousand miles away. He had an extraordinary gift Of hope, a romantic readiness which I have never found in any other person and which is not likely I shall ever find again. This quote tells us how a person like Gatsby can be so optimistic about life, and who has a gift of hope that never gives up no matter how hard the trail is. This event shows how Gatsby took five years Of trying to get a life style that would attract Daisy; which is having wealth and everything in life. With wealth, it can probably help people find happiness and independence, but not everyone understands the place of materialism and life. In Gatsby and Daisy life, they made money become the center of their lives; which ruined their relationship between each other but it changes people’s attitude towards them.

    In chapter 4, page 34 it shows how Nick Caraway changes his attitude towards Gatsby, and it says “Gatsby came alive to me; suddenly his shallow life of great wealth and parties had a deeper purpose. ” At first, Nick was curious about Gatsby; people would always talk about him, and questions how Gatsby became so wealthy. Nick later on found out truth about Gatsby. Gatsby didn’t have everything in life before, but now that he has everything in life, in everything he does, there’s a purpose or a reason behind it. Money cent change everyone’s perspective of someone.

    When omen has money, people start to use each other which cause people to think or question themselves if their relationship between someone if it’s real or not. In chapter 7 page 65, it shows how Daisy questions her love towards Gatsby and Tom, and she says to Gatsby ‘”Oh, you want too much! ‘ she cried to Gatsby. ‘l love you now?isn’t that enough? I can’t help the past…. I did love him once?but I love you too. M Daisy didn’t know if she was actually in love with Gatsby or her husband Tom, she doesn’t know if SSH©s attracted to Gatsby wealth or his love towards her.

    She questions herself if she still has the same feelings like she did five years ago. Over all, the book itself shows some of the major parts of the American dream, like having money can help those dreams to be achieved, but however, people use each other to achieve those personal dreams they have which cause them to hold back from knowing what real love is. As you can see the novel Great Gatsby shows many details Of how money can help someone become optimistic about life and always think about the future ahead. Not only that it can help someone become optimistic about life, but there are also uniqueness behind it.

    Having money made people questions and assumes things about the person’s real life. People might have it all, the love, the money, and hope, but everything in that “all” has a question in it; is it real or not? In my opinion, yes, money can help you bring happiness in everyone’s life, but will the happiness last long? Probably, but most likely never will. People will start to use you when you have it all, you start to question about everything in life, and the problem about having money is that it won’t help peoples happiness last long.

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