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In the center of the dark. a constabulary comes to the Johnsons door to state them that an accident has occurred and that their teenage girl is deceased and another adolescent is in critical attention. The accident was caused by texting and driving. Now the Samuel johnsons have to travel the mortuary and place their girl. this is an accident that could hold been prevented. In the Treasure Valley. there have been excessively many of these scenarios that have become a world. Texting and drive should hold the same effects as imbibing and drive because they are both caused by foolhardy drive. With the badness of the effects this will take down the decease rate and accident rate of accidents caused by texting and driving both locally and nationally. In the country In Ontario Oregon. there have been several accidents that have occurred where teens have been driving while texting and have caused accidents with minor hurts or other accidents that have caused decease. Texting and drive is a distraction while driving and should be banned. I propose that texting and driving should go illegitimate and offenses be treated merely like imbibing and drive. Surveies have shown that texting and drive is worse than imbibing and drive.

Because texting is new to the times. there truly is no type of proving done to turn out that texting and driving do do accidents and is insecure. It has been proven. nevertheless. that it takes five seconds to look at a text message and refocus the eyes back on the route once more. As stated in an article. “In Study. Texting. Lifts Crash Risk by Large Margin” . in that clip. a individual can drive about a football field. ( Richetel. 2009 ) To be able to drive and text and look at the route for five seconds and is tantamount to a football field. that is a really unsafe. particularly on the expressway. Drivers are on the route texting and drive and could be the one to do a deathly accident. This is so preventable. In an article. “Texting and driving worse than imbibing and driving” . it talks about how long it takes to interrupt when on the expressway. It gives illustrations being sober. lawfully drink. reading an electronic mail. and reading a text. The consequences are chilling because texting and drive is the longest clip it takes to interrupt. Here is the dislocation of each: Sober: . 54 seconds to interrupt

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Legally rummy: add 4 pessReading an electronic mail: add 36 pessSending a text: add 70 pess ( Lebeau. 2009 )This shows that directing a text takes longer to interrupt so if the driver was lawfully intoxicated. Drinking and drive and texting and drive are both a distraction while on the route. so why they both are non treated the same? Texting and drive is new to the ages so at that place for the statics of accidents caused by texting and driving are non at that place. Now that there are more accidents caused by texting and driving there are more statics. In 2011. distractive drive was the taking cause of adolescent deceases. which included other teens in vehicle. and about 100. 000 accidents were caused by texting and driving. This is a high figure that can be prevented and stopped. ( Courant. com. 2012 ) Teenss have died because of something that is preventable. so what Torahs are out at that place to forestall texting and drive and what is being done to implement it? Right now in Oregon. it is against the jurisprudence to text and drive. but the mulct is merely 50 dollars. Fifty dollars is it. there is no gaol clip or revoking of a driver’s licence. That is merely if you are caught texting and driving. A police officer must physically see a driver texting and drive before the officer can publish a ticket. Even if caught. the officer has the pick to publish a warning if this is a first offense.

So how do we halt this insecure pattern of texting and driving? Merely this twelvemonth entirely. the Treasure Valley community has lost adolescents due to texting and driving. The Numberss of decease associated with texting and drive are traveling up in the Treasure Valley. This is a sad doomed for the community because it is. once more. something that can be prevented. Our community needs to set an terminal to texting and drive and come together to do a jurisprudence against this insecure pattern. Just like MADD ( Mothers against Drunk Driving ) there should be an consciousness group for texting and driving like MATAD ( Mothers against Texting and Driving ) . Making a jurisprudence for texting and driving that is every bit terrible as imbibing and drive will take down the decease rates and accidents caused by texting and driving. Drivers will take texting and driving more earnestly and believe twice when doing that determination to text and drive. A jurisprudence must be enforced and should be enforced. The community of the Treasure Valley come together to do this jurisprudence base on balls before person else is killed or another accident is caused that should non go on.

Letter to the Editor:I am composing this missive because I am a concerned citizen that feels that texting and drive has become a job in our community. Merely this twelvemonth entirely we have lost some of our immature grownups to texting and drive and besides have had accidents caused by this every bit good. This is something that is preventable and should non be go oning in our community. I understand there is a jurisprudence in topographic point. if you are caught texting and driving you get a $ 50 mulct. but this is non good plenty and the mulct is non rough plenty.

It is non halting people from texting and driving. which so once more we have distracted drivers in the route. It takes five seconds for a individual to look at a text message ; this is about a football length. while driving. That is a football length that the drivers eyes are non on the route. This is really chilling to believe about because when on the route you do non cognize who is paying attending and who is non. I propose that we come together as a community and do the jurisprudence for texting and driving merely every bit rough as imbibing and drive. If the Torahs become harsher for texting and driving as they are for imbibing and drive. so this can forestall auto accidents and even deceases. Our following metropolis hall meeting in June. 15th. 2012 at 7pm. if you would wish to fall in me and allow our city manager cognize this is what our community needs. delight come to this meeting. Sincerely.

Adrianna Contreras

Reflection PieceWhat I have learned as a author is that you can ever do a paper written better so what you have. There is ever something that I can make otherwise to the paper to do it better. As a mind every bit good. this is besides true and will do my paper that much better. As a mind I have learned to believe outside the box and non ever travel with what I feel comfy with and it is all right to travel with something new.

The procedure of authorship is much easier for me now after taking composing 220 because I have learned other ways. besides what I am comfy with. to compose my paper and besides research information for my paper. There are other beginnings out at that place besides merely Google.

Some accomplishments I have developed know that there are other resources out at that place that can assist me do my paper that much better. I have besides learned how to mention my work better. which before I had no hint.

Bing able to speak with my fellow schoolmates helped a batch. My schoolmates were able to give me more provender back to my do my presentation and documents a whole batch better. I besides learned to utilize other ways to compose a paper so merely my ain manner. Geting feedback from more than merely one individual truly does assist. Overall. the feedback from my schoolmates and professor truly did do my paper that much better because they saw something that I did non see. They besides gave me ideas that I would non hold thought of. It’s like the stating. two caputs are better than one. in this instance more like 20 caputs are better than one.


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