The Dangers and Punishment for Texting and Driving

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Skilled driver or not, texting & driving is super dangerous. The age group between sixteen and 24 are the main culprits. The price tag for texting and driving can be big, and it has been around for way to long. “Text messaging has been around for a dozen Years ……. It is a dangerous distraction while driving”, considering that 3,477 people have died from it. Text messages between 16 and 24 year olds are out of control. Usually people do not text that much or at all due to two major things, one they know it is illegal, two, “they know one text is not worth their life”. Teens start texting and driving, because they see other teens do it. which makes them believe if so and so can text and drive I can do it too, but it is not that simple. From experience, I know that texting and driving is hard, and it is hard. I’ll admit it I’ve done it before, but never again. “3,200 texts”, are sent between an average teen in a month, sadly more than half of those are sent while the teens were driving. Now that’s a lot of texting.

Texting is getting out of hand. For the teens that don’t text and drive, they send an average of 1,000 texts a day. Now don’t get me wrong, that’s still a lot of texting, but it is for sure less than 3,200 texts a day. Texting and driving is getting really bad if you look at the number if texts sent out a month by teens. “3200 texts”, is a lot, even better yet way too much. Something needs to happen to change it. “GM” otherwise known as “general motors” has something known as hands free. Hands free is what its call you can text and call by one push of a button. For example, if you want to call dad you simply press the hands free button and say call dad. Now that’s easier said than done. Hands Free for all that we know could have saved thousands of lives by one push of a least we know somebody is making an effort to stop texting and driving. Now we know who does the texting and driving, but do these teens even get punished for texting and driving?

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Which brings me to my next point. What is the punishment for texting while driving? With “fines ranging from $50 to $500”, texting and driving has a price of your money, and maybe your life. Texting and Driving is just bad period. At the age of sixteen you don’t just have $500 laying around. And better yet us as humans have so much to live for. it can wait I assure you that your life is more important than one text. With “Texas trying to pass a state-wide law”, which makes Texting and driving illegal while in a vehicle in the state of Texas. This shows us that the State of Texas is trying to put their foot down on Texting and Driving. Considering that the fines included in this bill range from $500 up to jail time. With Sugar Land Texas “taking matter in to their own hands and not waiting on the bill to be passed”, They have now made it completely illegal in the city of Sugar Land to Text and operate a motorized vehicle. For all we know the bill Texas is trying to pass could take up to two years to be passed. That’s why it is good that Sugarland is wasting no time and getting down to business. Sugarland already knows that this bill is going to take a while to be passed (even though it shouldn’t take long to pass, like come on Texas people’s lives are on the line), so they just took matters in to their own hands. Texting and Driving has a lot of dollar signs following their name. Another reason why it is so bad.

The real question is how long ago did it start. “Cell phones have been around since 1983”, and every day since then we learn more and more about cell phones. We learn more on how they operate and are correctly used. We become more and more excited for new phones to come out. For example, when the IPhone seven came out, people camped outside of the Apple store for days. Just to be the first one to get an IPhone seven. It has caused us humans to become more and more “Attached to this to this technology. We leave out of the house texting a person, get in to a car, send the text and start driving. Then the Texts come back as you drive. Causing you to swerve and weave in to the lane of oncoming traffic in front of a big 18 wheeler, and now your dead. “75% of the ages of 12-17-year-old kids own a cell phone”, and am pretty sure more than half of them text and drive. A lot of teens don’t understand the risks of texting or driving, the fines they could face, or even that they could die. They only realize how bad it is to text and drive when they wake up in a hospital with a feeding tube down their throat. Cell phones are the main cause of vehicle deaths as we can now see after reading this. It’s not worth it. 3,477 people is a lot of lives. That is basically a division 5A high school. All whipped out because they wanted to send a text. The group of teens need to figure out something to stop it even if that means asking your parent for a Bluetooth system in your vehicle. Now theses fines are outrageous. If you don’t want to pay $500 or spend the night in jail. DON’T TEXT AND DRIVE.

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