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It is a extremely sad situation that due to texting and driving will and has caused thousands of deaths.It has already caused 3,000 deaths per year and will have an impact on cars and how cars are made in the soon future.I think it is agreed by many people that the life-threatening occurrence of texting and driving is very severe because it is the number one cause of accidents among teenage drivers. Texting and driving has caused thousands of injuries also. If it is not stopped, it will take a bigger toll than it has already around the world. Someone needs to find a solution for this problem and should then be awarded a prize for bringing an solution for texting and driving.

My goal is far from being awarded but, to provide a solution for this problem. My solution will greatly help those on and off the roads. My solution is to eliminate all motorized vehicles. By getting rid of all motorized vehicles, there will be no risk of texting and driving or distracted driving.In this case every motorized vehicle will be taken to a junkyard and locked up. Everyone owning a vehicle will bring their vehicle to the junkyard with no fight given.After all the vehicles are taken away, the question people will wonder how they will get to work. They will have to walk or bike to work. This will be easy for not only adults but children also. Everyone knows how to walk, so you will be able to walk to work or school instead of driving. My solution will also offer a board with wheels that you place at the bottom of your shoes and will give you the feeling of driving but, on your feet and get you to where you need to go. It will connect to your phone ( since were always on the anyway), and then you can use google maps or any other GPS app to let it your feet “drive” you to where you need to go, giving the people a way to get to work or the store instead of walking or riding a bike.

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These scary and sudden changes will shock many people. They may not want to give up their vehicle in the beginning but, they will realize it will benefit them in the long run to not have a vehicle. Having no vehicles will get rid of all car crashes and end distracted driving, saving the lives of the thousands of people everyday that are involved in distracted driving accidents.I can think of no good objection that may be introduced to go against this proposal. Some may say getting rid of cars is a horrible dea and that it will never happen. They are wrong though because not everyone “needs” their vehicle daily, this proving that if one person doesn’t use their car than the other people can do it too.

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