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My chosen topic for my argument paper is distractions while driving, specifically the law against texting while driving. I understand that there are various distractions while driving, but I am particularly concerned about the ban on texting. I understand why this legislation exists as texting takes attention away from the road. Furthermore, I have noticed that teenagers nowadays tend to prefer texting over making phone calls. Personally, I would opt for making phone calls as it seems easier to communicate your message and move forward.

Teenagers now exchange an average of 2,899 text messages per month while driving, which poses a significant risk. This danger is not limited to teenagers alone. A recent study discovered that truck drivers who engage in texting are 23 times more likely to be involved in a crash or near-crash situation compared to those who do not get distracted. The act of dialing while driving is even more dangerous. Another study found that texting diverts a driver’s attention from the road for approximately 4 seconds on average – this is enough time to travel the length of a football field at a speed of 55 miles per hour.

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Despite these findings, one cannot help but question why texting receives so much focus when there are numerous other distractions on the road such as fast food restaurants. People do not simply visit Burger King or McDonald’s solely for taking their food home; they order food with the intention of eating it while driving.

Is it safe to drive with one hand on the wheel while eating a burger or is it a potential distraction that can lead to an accident? What about turning your attention away from the road to change the radio station? There are various activities we engage in while driving that can be highly distracting. For instance, female drivers often take their eyes off the road to apply makeup using the rearview mirror. It is my belief that there should be regulations addressing all forms of distractions, not solely texting while driving. How many more accidents must occur before these concerns are taken seriously?

The implementation of laws has the potential to significantly decrease the occurrence of dangerous behaviors, like eating a hamburger while driving. Although laws cannot entirely prevent individuals from doing as they please, they can encourage people to reconsider engaging in such actions. Therefore, I am in favor of enacting this law, which should not only focus on texting and driving but also cover other risky behaviors. Instead of restricting hands-free phones to new and expensive cars exclusively, all vehicles should have this feature installed to promote safer driving. We should not be held accountable for the growing influence of technology in our lives; rather, regulations on the availability of technology provided to us should be considered instead of penalizing us for utilizing easily accessible tools.

In my perspective, I desire for my audience to comprehend and relate to the message I am attempting to convey. Overall, I believe it is beneficial to enforce this law as any effort to hinder distractions is acceptable in my opinion. Nevertheless, I also suggest taking into account other factors that contribute to accidents and implementing laws addressing them as well. However, regardless of the regulations in place, individuals will inevitably discover methods to engage in prohibited activities while driving. Consequently, I perceive this situation as an opportunity to introduce future supplementary laws.

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