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The advantages and disadvantages of technology

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Technology has offered a lot of advancements and improvements to our globe for over the years. Technology is a science applied to practical purposes. Nowadays, technology is not just limited to computers but it advances in the form of cars, microwaves, cell phones and many more. As technology has progressed a lot, this is becoming the fact that it has penetrated almost every aspect of our daily lives from business to leisure. Now we have entered an era where a frequent question revolves in our mind whether technology is saving our ruining the globe?

Therefore, here I will present the advantages and disadvantages of technology simultaneously.

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The advantages and disadvantages of technology
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One of the basic advantages of technology is the globalization, now we are not living in isolation but the world is now becoming a global village. The barriers of language and geographical boundaries are not hindering the knowledge of one continent to be spread globally with the means of technology. However, this massive ocean of knowledge sometimes raises the question for the authenticity of knowledge to be utilized.

This would be considered as one of its disadvantage. Technology has also advanced our means of communication to a greater extend. As communication around the globe has became cheaper, quicker and more efficient. Thus now we are given the privilege to use text messaging and internet which had fastened the communication as blink of an eye. On the other hand, it had made our youth addicted as they spend too much time with these technology gadgets thus taking them far away from family, customs and traditions.

Technology has widen the horizon of creating new and interesting jobs like computer programming, system analyzing, hardware and software engineers, web designers etc. This helped people in adapting different professions rather than only selecting the traditional professions. On the contrary, technology has streamlined the business process by creating job redundancies, downsizing and outsourcing, hence lowering done a lot of low and middle level jobs that results in unemployment. Technology has helped in bridging the cultural gap, which was one of the major cause of wars among nations.

As it allows the exchange of views and ideas, which increase awareness and readiness to accept, different cultures thus reducing prejudice among different cultures. Whereas, it has dominated the western culture thus ruining the youth, where they are adopting the culture without looking at its pros and corns and thus overshadowing their own culture. Technology has also impacted production positively. As multiple products would be created in just minutes with the use of modern machines.

But for this sometimes we have to bear the most destructive price in the form of utilization of our energy resources to extend of its limits. Thus, not only minimizing the natural resources but also leaving a lot of waste and pollution to our environment. In the conclusion I would like to state that although there are disadvantages of technology and these cannot be avid for a longer period of time but there is a need to think and work on these issues. It could be said that we should not treat the use of technology as part of gambling that for the sake of our ease we are destroying our environment.

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