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The American Dream and Of Mice and Men

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The idea of American Dream is “any people from any class can get successes and achieve their dreams through their hard work. To live off the “fate the land” and the American Dream both means “get achievement through their hard work” Even though their Dream Is unobtainable, there Is still some power of the American Dream. The dream Impacts characters such as George and Leonie represent migrant workers, Crooks who represents black people, Candy who represents old workers and Curlers wife who represents women.

George and Leonie have dream of having their own house and farm, which could enable them to sustain themselves. We’d Just live there. We belong there. There wouldn’t no more running round the country and we would have our own place where we belonged and not sleep in no bunkhouse (57)” said by George. They hope for a place that they could belong to and be gained through their hard work. Beside George and Leonie, Candy and Crooks Join In their dream as well.

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The American Dream and Of Mice and Men
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They latch on what George says of owning a couple of acres. “I’ll be on our own place, an’ l’ II be let to work on our own place. MOM’ said by Candy. He has a dream of to live off “fate the land”. In addition, Crooks also shows interest in joining their dream of having their own land. He used to tell Candy “… If you guts would want a hand to work for nothing- just his keep, why I’d come an’ lend a hand. 76)” Therefore, Candy and Crooks are influenced by the dream of living off the “fate the land”. Candy’s wife chases her own dream as well. She confesses her desire to be a Hollywood movie star.

She dreams of “having nice clothes” and “staying In the big hotels and letting pitchers take care of her” because she think she could have a chance to be a Hollywood movie star. She has her own dream of the land. However, these people’s dreams are doomed to fail. First of all, unlike in the book the death of Salesman, where there are some examples of successful salesmen who achieve better lives wrought their hard work, there Is no any example of people who eventually have their own farm in the novel.

Crooks says “Everybody wants a little piece of land. Nobody never gets to heaven and no body gets no land. (741′ Everyone has the dream of having their own land, but don’t achieve that anyway. Dreams are Just In their heads. What’s more, George confesses himself that their dream will never be achieved from the beginning. “l endowed from very first. I think we’d never do her. (94)” George knows their dream won’t come true. Thus, these people’s dreams are doomed to fail. Power of it. The dream offers a protection from the inhospitable world.

To those people who can’t get what they want in reality, they can imagine to get their achievement in their dreams. If the world doesn’t have dream, then people will be like the birds with broken wings, and frozen field. Dreams could give the encouragement to people to work together and push for them. For example, George and Leonie save their salary every month and Candy contributes his compensation from the farm. They work together in order to achieve their own dream-having their own land. That’s the power of the dream.

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