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Michael Oher Who Lived out The American Dream

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I’ve chosen to write about the offensive tackler Michael Jerome Oher jr. He’s an American football player, and he plays for the Baltimore Ravens. I also chose to write about him, because I wanted to write about a professional sportsman. Michael Oher comes from a poor family like many others who lived out the American dream. Michael Oher did the incredible, and won the battle against poverty. When Michael Oher was a child, he didn’t have any ‘’real’’ parents.

His mother, Denise Oher was addicted to crack cocaine and was being an alcoholic at the same time.

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Michael Oher Who Lived out The American Dream
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His father, Michael Jerome Williams was in prison from a time to another, and was murdered later in prison. At that time, Michael Oher was a senior in high school. Michael Oher was born in Memphis, Tennessee, in May 28th, 1986. He has twelve brothers and sisters. When he was seven years, he got placed in foster care, because his parents weren’t able to take care of him.

When Michael Oher started in school, he repeated first and second grades. Michael wasn’t very good in school, and that gave him problems later on.

Michael started to play American football in his freshman years, at the Briarcrest Christian School. After the 2003 football season at Briarcrest, he was named Division II, Lineman of the Year in 2003, and first team Tennessee All-State. Oher was scouted by the website Scout. com and they rated him 5/5 stars. Scout. com also rated him as the no. 5 offensive lineman in the country, of all the young football players in his position. So Oher was considered as a big talent on his position.

In 2004 Sean Tuohy and Leigh Anne adopted him, they had a son and a daughter, so Michael Oher got a new family, in a safe environment. Later on Michael Oher improved his school grades by the end of the senior year, so he could move up in Division I. When he finished school, he received several scholarships from Universities: University of Tennessee, Lousiana State University, Auburn University and University of South Carolina. But Michael Oher decided to play for the University of Mississippi, even though he received scholarships from the other Universities.

Michael Oher played there for a couple of seasons, before he signed with the Baltimore Ravens. Today Michael Oher is still playing for that team, and is one of the best on his position. So I think Michael Oher lived out the American dream, because he went from nothing to a big star. The American dream can be many things, and American football player is one of them in America. I also think that Michael Oher deserves to be where he’s now. He fought for his dream, even when he had problems with his grades. He improved them, so he could move on.

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