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The Assassination of John F. Kennedy

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The JFK AssassinationThis interview was conducted with my friends father on the assassination of JFK,and the impact it had on life in America.

Q: How old were you when JFK was assassinated?A: I was only 15 at the time, but I can vividly recall itQ: What was your very first reaction?A: Well, I was shocked I really couldnt believe it. I mean, you hear about theLincolns assassination but it never seemed real. Now JFK was assassinated and itseemed like it could never happen, it was just like a dream.

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Q: How did your parents react?A: They seemed more upset than sad. They couldnt believe that this couldhappen, they were upset that such a man as JFK could be dead, just like that. He did somuch to change the way people think, act, and feel in this country and hed never beback.

Q: What was the general mood?A: At the time we lived in a very tight neighborhood in Pittsburgh.

Around thatneighborhood you could see things change. Morale was lower than I could everremember, everybody was sad.

Q: Did they play the video back on TV?A: I dont ever really remember seeing it replayed over and over on TV, theyreally didnt start showing it until the 70s it was pretty much just word of mouth.

Q: Was there any violent reaction to his death?A: I remember reports of minor rioting, but not in Pittsburgh, people reallybecame sad. People wept openly in public, it was a very dark time.

Q: At the time why did you think he was assassinated?A: I really didnt know, I thought some angry guy just decided to grab this rifleand kill and important person, and that person happened to be the president.

Q: Did you ever think that the assassination was part of an elaborate governmentscheme to conceal the existence of UFOs?A: NoQ: What did you think about Jack Ruby who shot and killed the allegedassasinator (Harvey Oswald)?A: I thought he just killed him in revenge. Q: You didnt think he killed him to silence Oswald?A: I believe those two had nothing to do with one another. I heard stories ofOswald being part of the KGB and had played a part with the Mafia, but I didnt paymuch attention to it. All I needed to know was that he had killed a very importantperson.

Q: What do you feel about the magic bullet ?A: I dont know about that, I heard so many theories and that is just one of themost eerie. I just cant believe that a bullet can go through 2 people and still remainintact.

Q: How did you feel about the Vice President coming to power?A: I really didnt know anything about him, I knew that he would stand for thesame things as JFK, but I had no idea how he would perform.

Q: What did JFK mean to you?A: He represented a new time for America, the constitution would finally befairly upheld, and when he was killed I thought that age may end.

Q: Did it?A: Not exactly, not as much as civil rights legislation was pushed, but therewasnt really much need for it after JFK, he did so much for all citizens of the US.

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