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Known For His Assassination Of John F. Kennedy

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    He was our youngest president that radiated this new hope for America. His assassination shook the nation, his killer was soon brought in identified as Lee Harvey Oswald. Less than 48 hours later he was killed, leaving us with unanswered questions. Even with evidence, numerous witnesses, you’d think the case would be solved without a hitch. John F. Kennedy’s assassination continues to bring speculation with theories and conspiracies as to why and how JFK was killed. The Kennedy family rise to wealth began with JFK’s grandfather, P.J. Kennedy. P.J. grew up to be a businessman and be the owner of saloons. His kids grew up with politics and legislative meetings. It was nothing new when his kids would continue achieving financial success. One of his sons would be the father of our JFK; Joseph Patrick Kennedy, known as Joe, also became an inventor and politician, he knew how to make money. He would marry Rose Fitzgerald, whose father was mayor of Boston.

    With both families invested in politics it seemed John F Kennedy’s fate was sealed. Joe wanted his children to grow up with a luxurice and privilege lifestyle. By the time John was born the Kennedy family was one of the richest in the nation John Fitzgerald “Jack” Kennedy was born on may 29, 1917, the second oldest out of nine children. He made the most of what he could since he was a child. His father had high expectations as he was a strict man who wanted his children to be in the field on politics. Through high school Jack was doing average in his classes, nothing really special. He did cause some trouble at school as he would fool around and try his best to impress his father. Even with standard grades he managed to enroll in Harvard. Jack was at first invested in athletics as his older brother also was but then Jack suffered a spinal injury that was a common practice for him. As a kids Jack would always be ill suffering from scarlet fever, asthma, pneumonia, and other illnesses.

    It wouldn’t be until years later Kennedy discovered he was suffering from Addison’s disease. Jack then developed a passion for international politic. For his senior thesis he wrote about England politics that later became published as “Why England Slept.” After Harvard, he spent his fall in Stanford until he enlisted in the U.S navy, he begane combat in 1943. Months later on August his PT boat was struck by the Japanese, killing two of his men and injuring the rest of his crew. He rescued on of his members by dragging him for 4 miles to the nearest island shore. They were stranded for 4 days until they were finally rescued thanks to Jack sending a message inside a coconut to natives. Kennedy was awarded the purple heart and the Navy and Marine Corps Medals for his heroic act. However a year later Joe Jr, his older brother, died when his planes containing dynamite exploded. Kennedy retired from the Navy due to his injuries and his brother’s death changed plans for his father as he originally planned for Joe Jr to be president, he now had his eyes set for Jack. In 1946, at 29 years old Kennedy was elected in congress. Throughout the years he was elected to congress two more times and in 1951 he met Jacqueline Bouvier, who was known to the world as Jackie Kennedy when they would marry in 1953.

    As he was already popular senator, it was no surprise he would be reelected again and everyone knew he would run for president but some people were worried as before him there haven’t been a catholic president. Before winning presidency, he had to win the democratic party nomination to run for office and he ran up against future vice president Lyndon B. Johnson. Kennedy would run up against Richard Nixon but electoral votes went to Kennedy. He became our 35th president of the United States. When John F Kennedy took office, would be in favor of schools being segregated but he didn’t call upon action until his administration where compelled to act as many african americans were protesting for their right to vote and the discrimination they had to deal with everywhere they would be. As more peaceful protests turned violent Kennedy addressed the nation calling the civil rights act a moral right. He proposed civil rights laws to the congress to be considered into an official bill. However, Kennedy was assassinated before he saw that happened so in honor of him the Civil Rights Act was passed. During the 60’s as Fidel Castro, a communist revolutionist, became Cuba’s governor cuba fell into communism.

    As the America feared communism will take over the world the Kennedy administration had to act fast. Kennedy had cuban exiles trained to start a revolution but sadly it turned into a catastrophe. The young cuban exiles were captured, tortured and killed as they arrived in the Bay of Pigs. Kennedy didn’t sent aid when they begged for air support. Another critical act Kennedy did during office was something everybody would remember forever known as the Cuban Missile Crisis. America discovered that Russia were sending missiles to cuba ground and aimed it to America soil. Kennedy responded to this discovery with the message that America was ready for any kind of attack that would be a threat. Tension was high as many Americans and people around the world feared another war was going to happen but with these nuclear weapons. This potential crisis was avoided as both leader agreed to remove their missiles. There will always be pros and cons to every president, as they want what’s best for their country. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see Kennedy’s full potential as our president as he was assassinated, three years into office by Oswald.

    Lee Harvey Oswald life was an unpleasant adolescence, with his dad dead and his mom neglecting him. Leaving him to defend himself. In 1956, he joined the US Marines and he was a troublemaker, showing signs of aggressive behavior. Couple of years later his military service ended and he decided to move to Russia. Originally he was denied asylum and he tried to commit suicide. He tried his best to get his passport and wrote a letter requesting for him to become a soviet union citizen. He was then vouched for by Yekaterina Furtseva to change their mind and allow him to stay. He met his wife, Mariana, and had a daughter. He then moved back to America in Texas, Dallas. By working in a photo lab he forged his name into Alek J. Hidell and under that name he was allowed to purchase a rifle. November 22, 1963, around 6:30 am he woke up; leaving his wife, children, and wedding ring, he hitches a ride from his neighbor to the School Book Depository.

    Twelve Thirty PM, as crowds waited for the president to pass by, gunfire suddenly fired. Three shots that changed America. As Oswald was shooting from the depository, sixth floor, he missed the first time. Second shot hits Kennedy in the throat, also injuring Governor Connolly in the chest. With the third shot, hitting Kennedy in the head, the fatal shot. A bodyguard riding behind Kennedy’s car run to him and jumps on the trunk, they immediately head to Parkland Hospital where he was pronounced dead at 1:00pm. An hour later Lyndon B. Johnson takes the oath to become president and next to him is Jackie Kennedy, still wearing the bloody clothes. After the murder, Oswald escaped to a movie theatre where he shot down a police officer, he was arrested and interrogated for 2 days but never confessed. John F. Kennedy was buried in Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA on the 25th. The day before, as Oswald was being transferred to county jail, Jack Ruby, a nightclub owner, fatally shoots Oswald on national tv. He was pronounced dead two hours later in Parkland Hospital.

    Did Oswald act alone? Were the Russians involved? Did Jack Ruby kill Oswald to keep him quiet? As the Warren Commission were solving Kennedy’s case they reported that Oswald acted alone and wasn’t part of any conspiracy, and Jack Ruby killed Oswald in a act of rage. Files were kept secret and the government didn’t give out much information, just the basics. In recent years, people have claimed they’ve gotten more information and evidence to back up their claim and recent JFK files rose people’s speculation. Donald Trump promised to release classified JFK files to the public but according to, he postponed that and stated the files were to be kept classified for a few more years, for security reasons. Some of those files also state that the US government have tried to assassinate Fidel Castro but failed every time. A common theory many people believe in is that there was another schooter other than Oswald. The “grassy knoll” theory connect to the “magic bullet” theory because they are both based on the shots Oswald fired. Oswald’s second shot was so precise, it hit the president from the neck, passing through governor Connally chest, sticking his wrist and placed in his thigh.

    People believe that bullet was from the second shooter, as many witnesses pointed to the grassy knoll when they heard the shot. Another popular theory that the mafia or KGB had him killed. It made people wonder how Oswald took some odd trips to New Orleans, Mexico, Russia, and America. When he moved to Minsk, Russia had him being supervised at all times and people believe he communicated with them. In his diaries, he confessed to being a communist and wanted to marry a russian lady but she rejected him. The soviets had a motive to kill JFK after the Cuban missile crisis. Classified documents were released stating the Oswald contacted Soviet officers when visiting Mexico. People also pointed fingers at the Mafia as Robert Kennedy worked to bring was anti-gangs, he encouraged government agencies to bring a stop to organized crimes. Their father, P.J, was also a sketchy person, he would pull some strings to get what he wants and the amount of wealth had, convinced people he had some sketchy people work for him. As it’s known P.J. pulled some strings to get JFK to go to Harvard and join the navy.

    Following this conspiracy, Jack Ruby was a nightclub owner, so he couldn’t hired Oswald to shoot the president and then killed him to keep him quiet.  There’s various information and evidence that can back up some sort of conspiracy and the reality is that everybody will think something else happen. Something sketchy, as of today we don’t trust our police force, our president, and our government. However, the government did some good when it came to solving the case. Even with the people’s doubt, they worked hard to solve not only JFK’s case but Martin Luther King Jr. As soon as Kennedy was struck they quickly caught Oswald the same day. They found the shell cases and their rifle. With people around the world anxiously waiting for answers they did a great work catching the person responsible. They also did pass the civil rights act in his honor. He first proposed the bill to congress as he has met with King before their death.

    His successor, Lyndon B Johnson signed it into law after JFK’s death. The government did bad when it came to classifying documents that held answers about JFK. If they know their people are questioning them, why would they hide away their files? Wouldn’t that just mean they have something to hide? For Trump’s case he made the situation more suspicious as he promised he was going to release them all but then some back. Overall, John F Kennedy’s assassination broke many American hearts, changing the nation, a tragedy that would always be mentioned in books. His death made Americans experience of sadness, grief, and disbelief, and it showed us still how the government was strong to quickly get a new president. Before him, other presidents were also assassinated but something with him was different. It was in a modern time where people would stand up for themselves, and rebel against the government. His death was heart dropping as it was caught on film, available to anyone to see, watching it is different than reading about it. Even with substantial evidence, his death will always be questioned with speculation.

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