The Battle of the Sexes is Obvious

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The battle of the sexes is obvious everywhere and is applies to anything.

From athletics to the military, men and women struggle to beat the other, but I find it to be

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Particularly found in the workplace.

Men and women are extremely competitive with occupations, and most men, I mean all men

Us Men know the statistics, they show that we are more favourable and most of us want to keep it that way.

If this is true, then how do women and men share the world together without war between each

“I think it is because we need each other to survive ”

I am not been sexist myself here but you can clearly see the way life is.

It dates back to the stone ages, men where the hunters, woman were to take care of the family.

A lot of women choose not to see the statistics or they do not care and accept that men are

For the women who don’t accept this, there is a long struggle ahead. Many do not make it to

the end, or they tire of the pressures put upon them.

Most men do not enjoy shearing a job with a woman especially in government. Its this fact

that a she is a she and they do not like that a woman would be on the same level as them.

Bill Clinton wife “Hilary Clinton” is yet another example of a woman put down for being in

control. The newspapers tore Hilary apart for trying to “take over” the President’s job. Why

would it bother them that she may have been helping out the economy?

Once again, the president is a man, and there is no need for a woman to help. Even in my

personal everyday experiences sexism is everywhere. And sadly enough, it is accepted

Everywhere. In some book women play passive roles, in movies and even TV sitcoms.

For example in the sitcom Dharma and Greg, which is about a young married couple, the man

is a successful lawyer from a wealthy family, while Dharma is a cute little blonde that cracks

jokes. You see sexism everywhere on the bus, metro, airports face it, it is everywhere. But man

have always been superior and I think it will stay this way for a while. I see more sexism than

If u look in colleges in law school or doctor school there is a very low number of woman and

high percentage of men. I think people see it as this “business world doesn’t need women”.

In my generation, there arise the same sexist beliefs held centuries ago. It is kinda scary to

believe that men do not want women to succeed. I mean what’s the point of a girl getting a

good education, if she knows she will end up at home taking care of kids.

It is also scarier to believe that women accept this as reasonable.

there is none

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