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About Some Obvious Reasons Why Women Are Superior To Men

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    From a male perspective living in a patriarchal society, as difficult as it is to admit the sentiment that “women are superior to men,” the truth is evident in some rather significant ways. To begin with the obvious, women have the ability to give birth, so without them, the reproduction of mankind would cease to exist. Another reason that supports this idea, is that women are generally better at multitasking than men, allowing them to utilize time more efficiently. Alas, a final point in their favor, is that women are far more persuasive, using every attribute towards succeeding. To put it simply, women are superior because they can reproduce, multitask efficiently and are more persuasive.

    The most obvious reason that a woman is superior to a man is shown through the fact women have the ability to give birth. A woman’s body is designed to be an incubator for childbearing and it is through women that life is born. Although it may take two people to reproduce, specifically without a women a child can not be born. Basically, all a woman would need is a sperm donation and she would be good to go to reproduce and have a child, the same can not be said about a man. Biologically, it is simply impossible for a man to give birth. Besides the fact that men are not designed for motherhood, men typically do not possess the nurturing capacity that is innate or natural to many, if not all, women.

    The lack of gentleness and stoic dispositions in no way indicate the behavior of a bad parent or even failure of any kind. Common sense would reflect that a child who is nurtured in love, compassion and open support is much more likely to succeed. The significance of Mother’s Day in just America alone, reflects how important women are, but specifically how important mothers are. Mother’s Day is much more celebrated and clearly outshines Father’s Day. Even if one were to search for a song, in the American music industries, that honors a father or that is inspired by a father, the list is sadly quite small, yet if the same were done for songs inspired by mothers, the list is endless. The incongruity between the sexes when it comes to parenthood is vast. If one were to Google, “what is the most beautiful word in the English language” there is a study that shows, “Out of 7,000 English speakers in 46 different countries” the consensus decided that “mother” was the most beautiful word. Motherhood gives women the upper hand over men, in that by being a mother, one is gifting the world with life, while at the same time they are raising well rounded, compassionate and successful children.

    Another point in favor of women over men, is the fact that women tend to be more organized and have the ability to multi-task more efficiently than men. The historical term, “Domestic Goddess” supports this idea, in that it reflects the women’s resourcefulness that she is able to simultaneously take care of every household chore while raising the children and supporting her partner. If one were to look back in history, as far as the Middle Ages, one would see that women were always tasked with the organization and essential running of the household. Women were expected to cook or plan menus, clean or oversee the work of the servants, organize bedroom situations or gatherings that would be planned all while being a mother and wife to her husband. Although men are also capable of multitasking, women are inclined to do it better and more effectively. In modern and present day America, it is more commonly practiced to have a female secretary or assistant. In such positions, the job is to be an expert at multitasking and the fact that the majority of this population are women, indicate rate of success that women have over being more organized than men.

    Furthermore, it is common knowledge that women get what they want more than men, because they are more persuasive. It is evident in the way women speak, that they tend to have more to say on matters than men do. Coupled with this behavior, women utilize their words to sway others in support of what they believe. Such a combination allows women the skill set to obtain whatever they want. A woman’s persuasion skills is not something to underestimate, and it is something that cannot be duplicated by the opposite sex. For example, if a man were to mimic the actions of a woman, in regards to her using her femininity, on a man such actions would come off awkward and essentially creepy.

    The reason a woman gets away with such behavior, is because her actions cannot be misconstrued as threatening due to the fact that women are underestimated. The persuasion skills that a woman gains, begins as early as her childhood from her encounters with her father. It is more prevalent for girls to be closer to their dads, which in essence, allows her to ply him with her skills at a young age. Fathers usually give in to their daughters because of the simple fact that they cannot say “no.” It is at these early stages, that a woman learns to perfect her persuasion skill set and eventually develops her techniques to utilize on friends, significant others and even employers. A woman’s persuasion ingenuity, ultimately gives her great advantages over a man and further supports her superiority.

    Decisively, after much reflection on the previously stated points, women are superior to men. Their ability to breed and reproduce, grants them the importance of life, a gift that only a mother could give, and one a man can never reciprocate. The fact that woman are more organized and can multi-task better than a man, allows them to be more successful than men, in that their time is effectively and efficiently utilized. Finally, women are superior when it comes to persuasion, which is a skill set that is not to be underestimated or belittled. Ultimately, a woman has the power of persuasion, the ability to give life and the talents to multi-task; these characteristics standing alone are impressive, but together they are a triple threat that can allow women superiority over men. Although women are superior, it is still good to have a man around, because at the end of the day, we can’t ALL be women.

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