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Irony, Symbolism and Drama in The Cask of Amontillado



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    In the story “The Cask of Amontillado” shows different elements of the story which includes the characters played by the main cast namely Fortunato and Montresor; setting which takes place in a carnival; the conflict where Fortunato suffers his untimely demise, the plot and themes are all present. The author, Allan Poe, tries to create meanings as the story unfolds. He uses irony in the story as part of an element by the words and events in the text that would convey a reality which is different from the audience expectation. With this, the piece will be more sophisticated and humorous at some point. Irony can be seen by how a character exaggerates his role by the tone and style he uses. This act of irony can be detected in the role of Montressor. Irony can also be seen in the setting itself, because in reality, a carnival should be place to enjoy and celebrate but in this tale, it appears to be the moment of revenge and death.

    An account for symbolism is also clear in which certain meaning will not be apparent to readers unless they go along with the story. One example would be the black costume of Montresor which suggests that his role would be more likely an evil being. Finally, the title itself which symbolizes Fortunato’s pursuance for the cask which has been  his own casket.

    The artistic way of putting irony and symbolism to the story contributes to a very meaningful effect and by conveying his message in such creative and unique style; the reader will get more interesting about the whole story and will not allow the reader to stop.

    There are some differences when you read a written story and reading drama. Both have spoken words, but in drama, the characters uses language in a manner that could offer clues to their personalities, their backgrounds, how they feel as well as the changes in feelings as the play goes on. We can really visualize the unfolding of the plot act to act and scene to scene because of the contrasting plots that is often included in drama. Reading drama’s main difference in print story is the structure itself since you can actually identify the elements which can be brought about by the events and behavior that you can actually see on the text because the drama is actually telling us the story which is played by an actor, with the help of the director as well as the set and costume designer to make a good visualization.

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