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Comparison between Edgar Allan Poe and Stephen King

Edgar Allan Poe

The Masque of the Red Death

Words: 704 (3 pages)

King Pick two authors from the gothic portion of literature and compare/ contrast them. By Walkthlsway442 Comparisons can be made between everyone in the world, whether it be a man, woman, child, or animal. In this sense, one can compare authors, such as their lives, their styles of writing, and their pieces of literature. There…

“Berenice” and “The Tell-Tale Heart” by Edgar Allan Poe Analysis

Edgar Allan Poe

Mental Disorder


Positive Psychology


Social constructionism

The Tell Tale Heart

Words: 53 (1 page)

Throughout literature, authors adapt instances from their own lives and integrate them into their works in order to manipulate the psychological aspects of their characters (Campbell 1). It is a rarity, however, for an author to produce a work that can be analyzed both biographically and psychologically. An excellent example of such writers is

Analysis of The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe


Words: 3372 (14 pages)

            In the popular short story The Tell-Tale Heart, Edgar Allen Poe reveals the horrid theme that each person has a vicious wicked side or a dark side that can provoke the person into committing unthinkable sins for no apparent reason.  Poe was an expert in writing thrillers which the psyche of the main character…

Edgar Allan Poe’s Horror Tales

Edgar Allan Poe

Words: 663 (3 pages)

Many people have adored Edgar Allan Poes’ writings and many have hated them. Overall Poe still appeals to a large audience today who enjoy the terror, the excitement, and theunique writing style he influenced and provided for readers all over the world. All around the world Poe influences in all types of writing,”For a moment…

Syntax Analysis of “The Telltale Heart”

Edgar Allan Poe



The Tell Tale Heart

Words: 529 (3 pages)

In his short story “The Telltale Heart”, Edgar Allan Poe establishes that his narrator is in a deeply disturbed mental state and he is very concerned about the old man’s eye. Poe supports his narration with the use of a dynamic syntax throughout his piece creating the desired frantic and distressed tone, overall giving the…

“The Raven” Poem by Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe

The Raven

Words: 624 (3 pages)

“The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe is about a lonely man who tries to ease his “sorrow for the lost Lenore” by distracting his mind with old books. The narrator is then interrupted by a tapping on his chamber door, which he hopes will be his lost love, Lenore. He opens the door to finds…

Edgar allan poe the black cat

Edgar Allan Poe

Gothic fiction

Words: 1971 (8 pages)

Regarded In literary histories and handbooks as: the architect of the modern short story, * also the principal forerunner of the “art for art’s sake” movement in nineteenth- century European literature. Life Poe was the son of professional actors who died before he was 3 years old, and he was raised In the home of…

Edgar Allan Poe’s Influence On Stephen King

Edgar Allan Poe

The Raven

Words: 558 (3 pages)

It is in human nature to delve into the morbid realms of life, and both Edgar Allan Poe and Stephen King do this in their writings. These two men appear to have an oddly similar morose obsession with death, terror, horror, and murder; many of Poe’s and King’s characters come to an untimely demise. In…

A Critique of Edgar Allan Poe’s Short Story “The Purloined Letter” Analysis

Edgar Allan Poe

Short Story

Words: 1788 (8 pages)

            Edgar All Poe’s short story, “The Purloined Letter,” is basically a detective story like his past work, “The Murders in the Rue Morgue.” However, unlike his other detective stories, this one significantly deviates from the action-based and intense plot to come up with a story that is intellectually-driven and uses non-conventional crime solving methods….

The Tale Tale Heart

Edgar Allan Poe


The Tell Tale Heart

Words: 1246 (5 pages)

The Tell Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe Edgar Allan Poe was an American writer, poet, editor and literary critic, considered part of the American Romantic Movement. Best known for his tales of mystery and the macabre, Poe was one of the earliest American practitioners of the short story and is considered the inventor of…

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born January 19, 1809, Boston, MA
died October 7, 1849, Church Home & Hospital, Baltimore, MD
description Edgar Allan Poe was an American writer, poet, editor, and literary critic. Poe is best known for his poetry and short stories, particularly his tales of mystery and the macabre. He is widely regarded as a central figure of Romanticism in the United States, and of American literature.
books The Raven 1845, The Tell-Tale Heart 1843, The Fall of the House of Usher 1839
education United States Military Academy (1830–1831), University of Virginia (1826–1826)

“I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.” “All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream” “There is no exquisite beauty… “Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night”


Short biography of Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe (born Edgar Poe; January 19, 1809 – October 7, 1849) was an American author, poet, editor, and literary critic, considered part of the American Romantic Movement. Best known for his tales of mystery and the macabre, Poe was one of the earliest American practitioners of the short story and is generally considered the inventor of the detective fiction genre. He is further credited with contributing to the emerging genre of science fiction. He was the first well-known American writer to try to earn a living through writing alone, resulting in a financially difficult life and career. Poe, a southern writer, was born in Boston, the second child of two actors. His father abandoned the family in 1810, and his mother died the following year.

Thus orphaned, the child was taken in by John and Frances Allan of Richmond, Virginia. Tension between Poe and John Allan reached a breaking point after Poe’s unsuccessful attempt to gain control of his inherited fortune, prompting Allan to disown him. Poe quarreled with Allan over the funds for his education and enlisted in the Army in 1827 using the name “Edgar A. Perry”, adopting the surname “Poe” upon his discharge in 1829. His publication in 1827 of a collection of poems, Tamerlane and Other Poems, brought him some fame and a certain amount of notoriety. By 1831 he had completed a novel, although it was not published until 1833, after his death. With the death of Frances Allan in 1829, Poe and Allan reached a temporary rapprochement. However, Poe later failed as an officer cadet at West Point, declaring a firm wish to be a poet and writer, and he ultimately parted from John Allan. Poe switched his focus to prose and spent the next several years working for literary journals and periodicals, becoming known for his own style of literary criticism. His work forced him to move among several cities, including Baltimore, Philadelphia, and New York City.

In Baltimore in 1835, he married Virginia Clemm, his 13-year-old cousin. In January 1845 Poe published his poem “The Raven” to instant success. His wife died of tuberculosis two years later. Poe planned for years to produce his own journal The Penn, through which he would flex his talents, but he was never able to make the journal profitable. He died in October 1849 at age 40; the cause of his death is unknown and has been variously attributed to alcohol, brain congestion, cholera, drugs, heart disease, rabies, suicide, tuberculosis, and other agents. Poe and his works influenced literature in the United States and around the world, as well as in specialized fields such as cosmology and cryptography. Poe and his work appear throughout popular culture in literature, music, films, and television. A number of his homes are dedicated museums today.

General Essay Structure for this Topic

  1. Poe’s Life and Works
  2. Poe’s Themes
  3. Poe’s Writing Style
  4. Poe’s Use of Imagery
  5. Poe’s Use of Symbolism
  6. Poe’s Use of Gothic Elements
  7. Poe’s Use of Satire
  8. Poe’s Use of Horror
  9. Poe’s Influence on Other Writers
  10. Poe’s Legacy

Important information

Spouse: Virginia Eliza Clemm Poe (m. 1836–1847)

Short stories: The Black Cat, The Tell-Tale Heart, The Fall of the House of Usher

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Did Edgar Allan Poe write essays?
Edgar Allan Poe is an American author who has been very popular for many years even after his death. He was a very diverse writer and wrote short stories, poetry, a novel, a textbook, a book of scientific theory, and hundreds of essays and book reviews. Read More:
What is Edgar Allan Poe's writing style?
He brought a style of gothic writing in order to make statements and used the concept of terror, mystery and the supernatural to bring fear and terror to society. This paper explores the different examples of Poe's writing and provides a modern interpretation of his different styles and uses. Read More:
How did Edgar Allan Poe die essay?
He was taken to the Washington College Hospital, where he died at 5 a.m. on Sunday, October 7. ... Theories as to what caused Poe's death include suicide, murder, cholera, hypoglycemia, rabies, syphilis, influenza, and that Poe was a victim of cooping. Evidence of the influence of alcohol is strongly disputed.
What is Edgar Allan Poe's theory of the short story?
Poe revolutionized the short story with his theory of 'the unity of effect. ' Similarly, the short story required 'a unity of effect' which according to Poe was only achieved with detailed planning of the plot along with a calculated attention to detail.

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