The Catholic Mass How i understood it in my faith journey

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Throughout my spiritual journey, I have gained considerable expertise and deep understanding of the Mass.

I have consistently attended church every Sunday throughout my life in order to draw closer to God. While there are occasions when I look forward to going to Mass, there are also times when I do not. Although I recognize that it is only one hour per week spent with God, at times it feels excessively long and becomes tedious. Despite understanding that this should not be the case, the Catholic Church Committee has the potential to enhance Mass by offering youth ministries where children can learn about God in a manner that resonates with them. Regrettably, my church did not provide such a program which may explain why my genuine interest in Mass did not develop until approximately 13 or 14 years of age.

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The Mass at the Catholic Church is universal. All aspects of the Mass are consistent worldwide, with exceptions for different languages spoken. This uniformity is what sets the Catholic Church apart and makes it unique. Personally, what fascinates me about the Mass are the Scriptural readings. These readings provide insights into various biblical characters and serve as a way for teenagers to learn about their religious history. Knowing their origins and the identities of their religious forefathers is important for teenagers.

The Mass functions as a guidance for teaching and promoting kindness and respect, acknowledging the challenge of avoiding sin but emphasizing the importance of seeking forgiveness from God when one does sin. The Church has instilled this lesson in us since childhood, highlighting the significance of abstaining from sin. Ultimately, the Mass serves as a method to seek God’s forgiveness for our sins, with the Church playing a central role in educating us about moral principles.

Catholic schools play a crucial role in promoting children’s attendance at Mass, even if their families do not consistently go. This advantage of sending kids to Catholic schools allows them to actively participate in Mass and cultivate a deep comprehension of the Catholic faith. Nevertheless, certain families may encounter financial difficulties in affording tuition fees. In such instances, it becomes essential for families to engage their children in Christian services like volunteering and ensure regular attendance at Mass.

The Mass and the rituals of the Catholic Church are regarded as a representation of liberation from daily responsibilities and an intimate relationship with God. They provide a distinct opportunity to detach oneself from the diversions of everyday existence.

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