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    * Has maintained one of the world’s highest economic growing rates since independency in 1966 from British.* Animals are tourist attractive forces.* It’s the largest Cattle exporter in the African continent. * The People there are largely Christians.* Bogobe is a Porridge prepared from sorghum. millet or maize. * Common drink is mageu a thick tea besides made with sorghum. * On nuptialss and gay occasions. Rice replaced sorghum. Mocambique

    * Once known as Lusitanian East Africa.* Chief nutrients are maize. rice. manioc. yams. murphies. bananas. citrous fruit. Ananas comosus. chilies. Piper nigrums and tomatoes. * Popular formulas are Rice-Coconut Milk. Mango and egg Pudding. and Fufu is a poached manioc made into a soft dough by thumping into a howitzer and stamp. Namibia

    * Besides known as South West Africa.* Largely high desert Platea. by and large for cowss raising and small green goods and harvests. * Half of population depends on agribusiness for its support. * Mostly white commercial husbandmans own about half of Namibias cultivable land. * Tourism is a major industry being a premier finish in Africa for Ecotourism which features Namibias extended wildlife. * 80 % Christian and 50 % Lutherans.

    * Ostrich eggs are non uncommon and sheep. caprine animal meat. milk from these herds and fish from the seashore provide good quality protein. * Millet basic harvest followed by maize and calabashs.

    South Africa* South Africa was ruled by white Africans chiefly of German. Dutch and Gallic descent. * They imposed their “Apartheid Law” which means “Apartness” . * 70 % of the 49 million population are Christian and other are Protestants Hindus. Muslims. Jews and tribal traditional trusters. * Mealie ( maize ) is South Africa’s favourite cereals.

    * Cookies are adopted from their European background such as Krakelinge a Dutch Figure 8 cookies. * South Africans love barbeque called “braii.* “Biltong” dried preserved meat.Rhodesia* The major grain for ingestion is Maize.* Bread is the basic in the urban diet but non as of import in rural countries. * Dry land rice is grown in some parts of the state but by and large rice is non an mundane nutrient. * Many Zimbabweans still follow traditional beliefs based on liquors “midzimu” are their defenders. “Mhondoro” trade with catastrophes like wars. epidemics and dearths. * “Sadza” is a meat fret with peanuts and veggies are served with fried Indian meal pulp. * Everyone chows with the right manus it considered clean because the left is for personal hygiene. Eastern Asia

    Tanzania* Once called Tanganyika.* This state located at the eastern seashore of the Africa. * It is known for its many natural resources and besides in their many tropical beaches and great lakes. * Spiced papaia is a common side dish main courses.

    * Coconut is used in many formulas like soups. fish. domestic fowl. meat dishes and many prepared sweets. * Tanzanian java is most popular in Europe.* Banana beer or “mbege” is served in Northeast Tanzania. * One-dish repasts largely of grains. leguminous plants and veggies with small of meats are day-to-day repasts. Uganda* This cast-central African state sits on the equator and has fertile land. * Almost all households in Uganda cultivate their ain harvests. * Peanuts besides called Indian potato is considered as their first endurance nutrients. * Most people eat two repasts a twenty-four hours.

    * Cooking is normally done with unfastened wood fire.* Popular dish “Matoke” a basic made from bananas.* The national drink is “Waragai” a banana Gin.Malagasy republic* The Fourth largest Island in the World.* Well known exporter of Vanilla.* Rice is considered by the indigens as the lone existent nutrients with the remainder of ingredients or side dishes as the concomitants. * Crusty French Bread and rice are eaten day-to-day.* Bananas ( Hundreds of assortments ) and rice bars are the staple Street nutrients are available everyplace. * Popular is a dish of runts cooked in coconut milk and served over rice. Kenya

    * Is located at the West Africa.* Corn was introduced by Europeans.* Kenyan Cuisine is influenced by the Portuguese and British settlement but Kenyans still retain their traditional and cultural culinary patterns. * “Ugali “ is their national dish. A maize repast pulp. Served with pick sirup or sugar and ghee. * The most common meat are goat lamb and beef.

    * Other protein nutrients beginnings include fish. wild cervid. and monkeys. Somalia* Wars among tribes contribute to the hapless economic system and in many countries. famishment and malnutrition exist. * They seldom eat camel but drink camel milk.* Meat including liver from sheep and caprine animals besides is popular. * The most popular staff of life is “muufo” a level staff of life made from land maize flour. * Somalians are Sunni Muslims and follow nutrient tabu of this faith. No intoxicant in any signifier is allowed.

    Ethopia* Located at the east seashore of Central Africa.* An of import hard currency harvest is coffee originated in kaffa state where it grows wild. The word java is originated from kaffa * where the first java works was discovered.* Teff is a millet unique to Ethiopia and WATSs are their favourite fiery hot frets. Wat can be made with poulet. beef. fish. or be vegetarian. It contains paprika and is really piquant. Doro Wat is one of the best known of all African formulas. It is a spicy Ethiopian poulet dish made with berbere ( a spice mixture or spice paste ) and niter kibbeh ( or nitlir qibe. A spicy clarified butter flavored with onions garlic. ginger and spices. ) Wat is eaten with injera. an Ethiopian flatbread made from Eragrostis tef.

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