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The Chinese Revolution Research

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After Marco Polo traveled to China in the early 1200 ’ s the Chinese called westerners “ hairy, white barbarians ” . Portuguese “ savages ” so named what is now Taiwan Formosa in the 1590 ’ s. In 1644 the Manchu people invaded China and established the Qing dynasty. They were the last dynasty. In 1793 King George III of Britain send Godhead Macartney to negociate a more unfastened trading system with China. In 1796 there was a rebellion because of political dishonesty. It lasted until 1804. CiXi started to govern in 1839 because of the decease of Hsien Fong.

In that same twelvemonth the Qing authorities made Torahs against opium trade which happened to be a profitable merchandise for British merchandisers.

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The Chinese Revolution Research
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Chinese governments in Canton destroyed one million millions of dollars of British opium. This touched off the Opium War. In 1842 the Treaty of Nanjing ended the War. It is believed to be the first of many unequal pacts. In 1851 a group called the Taipings rebelled against the Qing dynasty and Confucianism. After 14 old ages Chinese functionaries organized new ground forcess which defeated the Taipings.

In 1860 the Sino-Russo pact gave Britain South Kowloon and Ngong Chauas for good leased land from the Qing Court. In 1894 a war broke out between China and Japan over predomination in East Asia. Japan seized Taiwan and S. Manchuria. The war ended in 1895 it was named the Sino-Japanese War. In 1898 the Yihequan started the Boxer Rebellion against the spread of Nipponese and Western influence.

The Open Door policy was instituted in 1899. Leting merchandisers to merchandise freely and forestalling China from dividing into “ domains of influence ” . The Boxer Rebellion ended on September 7, 1901 with the Boxer Protocol. Pu ’ Yi took over the Qing dynasty in 1908. His regulation was abruptly lived because in 1911 the Republican Revolution was sparked by an ground forces rebellion. On October 10, 1912 the Qing dynasty collapsed. Sun Yat ’ sen became president of Republic of China merely to vacate six hebdomads subsequently to General Yuan Shi k ’ Army Intelligence.

The Chinese Communist Party ( CCP ) formed in 1921. In 1923 Chiang Kai-Shek took bid of the Kuomintang ( KMT ) party. This was the same ground forces that had ousted the Qing dynasty. In 1927 Kai-shek killed the leaders of the labour brotherhoods and Communist party. This caused the split of the KMT and CCP. The KMT started a violent war against the Communists known as the Autumn Harvest Uprising. In 1934 the CCP started the Long March to Shaanix because the KMT forced them out of their bases. During the March Mao Zedong became the leader of the Chinese Communist Party. In 1949 the CCP took over mainland China and established the People ’ s Republic of China. The significance of October 5, 1999 is that it marks the fiftieth day of remembrance of the Communist Party.

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