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The church of Our Lady of Manaoag

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The church of Our Lady of Manaoag was established 400 years ago. Ten years after which, The ivory image was brought to the Philippines by Padre Juan de San Jacinto from Spain via Acapulco. Folk tradition has it that the Blessed Mother mary Herself designated the place where the church would be built. The church and Our Lady passed through unnumbered historical events, and remain unmoved by them.

1605–administered by the Dominican Friars
1720 – inauguration of the new church made of stones
1832-1833 – four earthquakes weakened the church structures 1

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The church of Our Lady of Manaoag
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896 – when the winds of revolution were blowing, the image of Our Lady took shelter in Dagupan Church.

1898 – during the insurrection, insurgents ransacked the church including the silver throne of Our Lady and burned it down.

1909 – when the church was again fit to be home of the Blessed Mother, her image was brought home and enthroned in her own shrine.

1911-1920 – all major works on the church were completed except the belfry and the wings of the transepts

On September 1925, the Papal Rescript granting approval for the canonical coronation of Our Lady was received in Manaoag.

April 21, 1926 marked the Canonical Coronation of Our Lady of Manaoag.

1937 – the sanctuary of Manaoag was awarded the Merit Recognition by the Philippine Historical Research and Markers Committee. World War II – for a time the church was closed. When fighting stopped, the church was opened once more.

Liberation Period – again the church suffered damages. A plane dropped 4 bombs, 3 landed on the patio and damaged the façade. One bomb fell through the roof but did not explode. After the war, the church was repaired. Pilgrims returned in even greater number.

1952 – work started on a new convent and belfry. In 1954 – the new convent and the belfry was inaugurated. Came 1960 – an elevated platform was built on the head nave, the altar was brought closer to the people. Since 1972,
the Sanctuary-Church has been under the administration and care of Filipino Dominicans.

At present, Rev. Fr. Patricio A. Apa, OP serves as the Prior and Parish Priest at the same time ably being assisted by 10 Dominican priests.

The Shrine stands on the hilltop at the center Of the town proper of the Municipality of Manaoag In the Province of Pangasinan. The town shares a common boundary with Pozorrubio in the North; Urdaneta & Mapandan in the South; Binalonan in The East, and San Jacinto in the West.

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